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June 18, 2008

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St. Bernard Vs. Black Bear: Who Wins?

If you’re guessing black bear, guess again.

From the Anchorage Daily News:

A black bear wandering through a Galena yard Friday afternoon decided to square off with a pet dog. This time, the fight wasn't even close, according to Galena police.

"It was a St. Bernard and he tore the bear up," police chief John Millan said. "Wasn't a scratch on the dog either."



WOWS! Maybe all people in bear country should get one of those.


Now that's mans best friend. AMAZING!!!


I've always considered my dog as my first line of defense...until I can reach or unlock a firearm.


An amazing dog, I think Nicholas has an idea there.

Walt Smith

Go Cujo go !!!How about St. Bernard vs Bigfoot??


i know many people who use dogs as protection from bears, they will alert you to their presense and i have even seen some chase the bears up trees


wouldn't have guessed it. But some black bears are not that much bigger than a St. Bernard. A grizzly bear would have torn the dog apart.


A (Great Pyrenees)is about the same size as a (St Bernard) and is breed to guard flocks of sheep against wolfs and bears and I've heard that a bear does'nt stand a chance. I've also seen my Pyr destory a Pit Bull that came into the yard where my grand kids were playing. Did'nt kill it but tore it up real good. note: owners of the pit bull had been warned too keep thier dog under controll because of previous problems it had caused with other dog owners.
Bottom Line: my Pyr goes with me when I'm in bear country.

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