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June 23, 2008

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Man Saves Rainbow Trout From Burning Building

Your apartment building is on fire. You have seconds to grab your most cherished possessions and bolt out the door. What do you take? A family heirloom?  Pictures of the kids? Your wedding video?

From The News-Gazette:

[Drew] Gifford left the apartment barefoot, carrying a cast iron skillet of rainbow trout. . . .Firefighters later got a pair of flip flops from the apartment for Gifford.

Clearly the right decision. I mean, think how overcooked the trout might have gotten otherwise. And the flip flops are a no-brainer.



LOL I thought it woulda said he grabbed his rainbow trout trophy off the wall. I know I would.

Mc. Squizzy

That's good!

Trae B.

I dont know if id run in a burning building for rainbow trout. cat fish, wouldent hesitate.


i would definitly take the trout. they taste so dame good

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