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June 25, 2008

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Florida Gator Bites Teen Swimmer’s Arm Off

From The Sun-Sentinel:

Kasey Edwards said he never paid "too much mind" to alligators swimming in canals in Okeechobee County.

But early Sunday morning, an 11½-foot alligator had his full attention as Edwards, 18, struggled to free his left arm from the jaws of the reptile.

"It's a very surreal feeling. You know, feeling like you're about to die here and you know, praying to God," Edwards said. "I have to give all the credit to God for keeping me out there."

He got away with his life and the gator with his left arm.



Gee, seems that blaming a gator for doing what comes natural is much easier than putting the blame where it belongs, on the drunken teen. Gators hunt at night and it is their domain, not a public swimming pool. Respect nature and we will both survive together.


kim is clearly a peta member because she got the facts all wrong. The artical clearly states the under age boy was swimming in the morning not at night. He also never blamed the gator he only thanked god.


First of all, I am a guy and second, I am far from anything to do with PETA. It is you Matthew who has the facts wrong. It happened in the morning okay but it was at 2:21 a.m. which is dark and considered night time. He may not have blamed the gator but now there will be a public outcry to kill the gator. You should read the article before coming up with ridiculous accusations about others. By the way, I live close to Nubbins slough and have been there many times. Once again I am truly sorry that the boy lost his arm.


Louisiana has just as many gators, yet no one gets attacked. Know why?

Because in Louisiana, alligators are all hunted and killed when they reach a certain size, which is just below the size at which they see humans as prey.

Wake up, people! Alligators in FL need to be hunted more!

Blue Ox

I don't feel the least bit sorry for this drunken asshat.
The alligator was only doing what Mother Nature programmed it to do.
Dude was shitfaced, for starters. And he knows damn well there are gators in the area. I don't believe for a second that his 'friends' were trying to talk him out of swimming the canal. (more like: "I triple dog dare ya!")
It's not that there are too many gators, there are too many stupid people doing stupid things where gators live.
That alligator should have killed that drunken fool, if anything, for another shining example of Darwinism at it's finest.

They already killed the gator, him and about a dozen others.

a girl in this town!

Hi... I am actually a friend of Kasey's, and we were just googling the attack to see exactly what people have came up with, and while I feel [[HORRIBLE]] about what has happened to him considerin everything that he has been through in the past.. He was in the wrong and WE ALL KNOW IT! That canal was full of gators and for a bet of only $30.00, he got what he deserves for invading there house at tht time. (DRINKING!!) or not he shouldn't have been in the water he (KNEW) was infested! Thr gators are a nusance considering I live on the very canal he was swimming in and I can't even let my dogs go by our boathouse without wondering what size alligator wants to eat my puppy this time.. THEY NEED TO BE KILLED!! THEY ARE OVERTAKING OUR CANALS AND YARDS!!


The victim said on an interview this morning that more gators need to be hunted. How about this, less developemeant in a state that has it's natural habitat under siege by out of control growth. Other than that, you are taking your chances. And this law in Louisiana that kills any gator over a certain size is crazy. It's the swamps, it has gators and you may die. Deal with it or go to the mall.

Blue Ox

A girl in this town,

The next time your friend is changing the bandages on his new stump, ask him if the whole experince was really worth thirty dollars.
Even better, take three ten-dollar bills and tape them to his mirror, just as a reminder of what he has to live with for the rest of his life.


Blue ox,
The cold hard truth, but you put it the best. I'm glad you wrote it the way you did. Wake up people we are not immune to nature and things can go wrong if it is not respected.



All of the above reasons are just excuses for a teens foolhardy bet. Blue Ox put it well. We have a gator hunt in Florida and many are harvested. But right now, the fact of people building and encroaching on the Everglades (of which Okeechobee is a part of)and the fact of diminishing waters due to a severe drought drives gators into contact with humans. Gators are doing what comes natural, looking for water and food.


you people all need to wake up! are you even aware that there are aprox. one gator for every 10 people in the state of fl. alone? i can see you saying, "don't kill to many deer" or something like that but alligators are animals that attack and kill people, more of them need to be harvested! come on people this is why we were put at the top of thr food chain , we are the boss, we have the say if a killer animal becomes a threat to get rid of it!! and as far as you people that say you are this kids friends ..what a joke ! and if you live in okeechobee as you say than you also know that this lake as well as this spot ia a public access people do fish right off this bank, boat, water ski, and yes even swim in this lake!!! with thier children, i happen to know that this kid was not drunk at the time and that a blood and alchohol test came back negative! you have all made unwise decissions in your lives no one can look anyone in the eye and say they did not , or throw the first stone! i guess you people are all just misserable and have nothing better to do with your lives that sit at your computers and write horrible stuff about someone that is suffering, when you should be praying and thanking GOD THAT YOU HAVE NEVER HAD TO PAY THE PRICE FOR ANY OF YOUR UNWISE DECISSIONS !

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