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June 18, 2008

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Discussion Topic: On Ohio’s New Gun Laws

From WhizNews.com:

A new Ohio law signed into effect this week, not only gives property owners the right to shoot intruders, but it's also changing Ohio's concealed carry law.

Colonel Bryan Hoover from the Muskingum County Sheriff's Department explains other changes, " It . . . permits guns to be carried in retail establishments that sell liquor, as long as the licensee isn't consuming. It permits concealed carry in a school zone, when picking [up] a child or dropping a child off."

The Sheriff's Department will now also honor concealed carry permits to those who've had their records expunged, where in the past they would've been denied.

Meanwhile, the Castle Doctrine, portion of the bill gives the home owner the right to shoot an intruder, without repercussions, which raises an argument over whether or not this will lead to false claims of self defense in a shooting incident.

Your reaction?



Ummm....if you are in MY house, without MY permission and i shoot you.....too damn bad for YOU!!

Frankly, we need MORE types of these laws protecting the rights of "honest" American citizens to protect themselves, their family and possesions.


I live in Ohio and I welcome the new changes. Formerly, the "Castle Doctrine" in Ohio required a victim of a home invasion to attempt to flee in order to assert a valid claim of self-defense with a firearm. That provision is now gone.

As for allowing firearms in school zones and retail establishments, to me that's just common sense. However, some of the local antis are just fuming. They still don't get it, and never will, no matter how plain spoken and sensible the rationale. Their irrational fear of guns and gun-owners remains immovable.


I am in favor of these changes. Common sense all the way.

Mike Diehl

I think Castle Doctrine is a very very good law. I suppose one could try to use it to entrap someone, but proper police investigation will reveal such facts as prior contact with the deceased, various unsavory and suspicious relationships on the part of the homeowner, calls to 'come on over' and the like, and will quickly sort out the difference between shooting criminal intruders and ambushing invitees.


as it says in that commercial "sanity makes a comeback". What a nice law. Cant wait 'till it becomes a standard.
(cant a guy have hopes?)


You break into my home, I consider it a threat against my life and the lives of my wife and kids and (if I am able to) I will shoot you. Period.


About time!

Should've already had the right to shoot intruders; and the common sense to aim to kill.


If you shoot an intruder, make sure you do indeed shoot to kill. There's been numerous cases of burlgars breaking into a home and being injured or shot by the homeowner and later suing the homeowner for the injuries. One startling example that comes to my mind is when a burglar who was attempting to break in through a sky light fell through said light and landed on a cutting board with a large knife stuck in it. The handle of the blade went through the intruder with the force of his fall. He later successfully sued the homeowner and won on wrongful injury of some sort. It's a sad state of affairs in the U.S. when the legal system supports the person with the best lawyer [or most money] instead of the person in the right... not my kind of justice.


Speaking of my kind of justice, this is exactly that.

Take out the bureaucracy and time and middleman of the police, and deliver some justice to a burglar or intruder the old fashioned (and most effective) way.
This law enables us to do exactly that.
I am completely in favor of this and cannot wait until more states follow suit.
Thank you Ohio for having the common sense to legalize a common sense solution.


this will definitely lead to false self-defense claims. how that plays out is up to the courts. one can only assume that the castle doctrine will only be a viable defense for shooting a person in your home in a situation where there is no reasonable doubt to the contrary. the second someone shoots someone they know under this law is the second this gets sticky, particuraly if there are no other witnesses.



shoot them on the front porch and drag the body across the doorway. no seriously its a good law.


We've had the castle doctrine law here in FLorida for a number of years & I have yet to hear of a case about false self defense claims.

NH Philosopher

I raise my glass to Ohio Lawmakers.


This is great..I wish the lawmakers in wisconsin would get there heads outa there you know what and pass a law like this.

Blue Ox

Yea, the Communist Republic of Illinois, too.


Castle Doctrine sounds a little to broad. Bet it will get overturned in the next few years.

The concealed law changes are alot of goods things that need to happen here in michigan too.


i agree with the desion to let people shoot intruders it makes sense. but hear in PA people can carry an unconceled weapon inside any place.


good for Ohio. If we outlaw guns and the lawfull use of them; then only outlaws will have them and they will always use them unlawfully.

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