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June 09, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Is Zyg Gregorek The World’s Greatest Angler?

According to the IGFA he is—now that he’s completed all three “royal slams”

From The Scotsman:

A British angler has been hailed the world's greatest fisherman after spending 18 years traveling 150,000 miles to achieve sport angling's Holy Grail for the first time in history.

Zyg Gregorek, 65, is the first recreational fisherman anywhere to catch all 27 species in the three so-called "royal slams" set by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) . . . .

Rob Kramer, president of Florida-based IGFA, described Mr Gregorek's achievement as "totally unique". He said: "To achieve one royal slam is impressive but to get all three is unheard of. He is the first and maybe the last. . . ."

Mr Kramer stressed: "It is not about luck – you have to research, to know exactly where to go and when. Zyg is, by definition, the world's greatest fisherman."



ok, excuse my not knowing here, but what's the third? i know of the Salmon and the Tuna, but i cant think of the third slam.


I think that is a great, very impressive, but the title of worlds greatest fisherman? Isn't that just a lot of hipe? Many of us know people that we consider deserve that title more,(not taking anything away from Mr.Gergorek), but a great fisherman is not the guy who catches the most fish, or the biggest fish, or any combination thereof, but the simple guy who does it best. You know him, he takes the time to show the rookie how to rig, listens to the boasters brag offering only a smile, and passes the tradition on to the next generation. He is the Vet who has learned how to fish with some mechanical hardware replacing one or more of his limbs, now to me that is great. I know a fisherman that can take you on a hundred fish day on streams more narrow than your driveway, catching brook, brown and rainbow, some over 18", releasing them all, and only feeling bad if he has injured any in the process. that is a type of greatness too.
For me, flying all over the world(because you can) to make the record books is just that, checking off a list, not greatness.
Teach a thousand kids to fish, that is great. Helping Vets get back into fishing, that is great.
I know my opinons are not popular,but that is how I feel.

Sexy Man

I think you hit the nail on the Head with that Post..I couldn't have said it better myself Wonderful Post...

The Sexiest Man Alive!!!


What the SMA say; me too. Strong post.


I agree with RJ, couldn't have said it better myself


Don't we fish for fun not titles.


Brian T

150,000 miles is a high cost for his 15 minutes of fame. He rightly deserves the "Diligence Award." I hope that he ate all 27 species.

Mc. Squizzy

I think he was also fishing the Grand Slams cause he liked to. We shouldn't accuse him so much.

Blue Ox

Hell, I'd love to be doin' the same thing. But instead I have a job, a mortgage, truck payment and all that happy crappy.
We can dream, can't we?


Money can buy a lot of things. But a "World's Greatest" title? I don't think those titles are for sale. Where's the competition?

The best anglers I've never met don't know or care about records...all they think about is the next big one. I doubt this guy is the worlds best angler...maybe worlds best angler with enough money/time to pursue the "royal slams".

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