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June 04, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Barack Obama Clinches Democratic Nomination

When John McCain cemented his lead in the Republican race back in February, we posted a report from CNN and asked for your reaction. Now, almost four months later, the Democratic race finally appears to be wrapped up. Barack is in and Hillary seems to be out (though still not officially).

From CNN:

U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has made history by becoming the first African-American to head the ticket of a major U.S. political party.

In what he called a "defining moment for our nation," Obama Tuesday passed the necessary 2,118 threshold of delegates and superdelegates who decide on the party's nomination for the White House race, CNN projected.

Your reaction? Now that your choices are clearer, who will you be voting for?


Arthur Pappas

Here gun owners go again. Falling all over themselves to assume the Democrat is anti gun and the Republican is their savior. Barack Obama will win in November and surprise most of us. By the way, lots of Presidents had as little experience as Obama when they assumed the office. At least he is a lot smarter than George Bush.

Mike Diehl

In this instance, the Democratic party presidential nominee is in fact anti-firearm and radically so. One does not need to "assume" anything. He has in the past openly stated that he wants to ban the sale or transfer of all handguns and all semi-automatic firearms. Every time he speaks about the 2nd Amendment he qualifies the right to keep and bear arms by attaching certain "purposes" to the phrase. Then there is his snotty remark about firearms ownership being a symptom of distress.

The man is wholly out of touch with the hook n' bullet crowd. By his statements I don't see any common ground in values, life experience, or goals with respect to the issue of firearms ownership.


I'd like to commend this forum for actually putting forward issues. Another hunting forum I was just reading had every anti-Obama post talking about secret muslim spy, his middle name, Farrakhan, etc.

Obama is more libertarian and McCain is more authoritarian. Many pols were anti-gun in the 90s, but have come around lately. Obama voted against the bill authorizing confiscation of firearms during natural disasters. That is his latest gun vote. I weigh that more heavily than votes 10 years ago as a State Senator from an urban district.

I personally am for all the Bill of Rights, not just #2, and the Repubs have been a disgrace. They have really done a number on the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eigth.

McCain has never been good on the First Amendment, and just yesterday he flushed 4,5,7,and 8 down the toilet.


McCain is by far a presidential candidate with the thinnest skin than voters have seen in a presidential race in years. I can see him getting upset easily and taking things personally and emotionally which is a scary trait for a leader of the free world. This is the number one thing that scares me away from voting for McCain. Get ready to see the dems focus on this in the upcoming months and we'll see it firsthand.

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