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June 04, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Barack Obama Clinches Democratic Nomination

When John McCain cemented his lead in the Republican race back in February, we posted a report from CNN and asked for your reaction. Now, almost four months later, the Democratic race finally appears to be wrapped up. Barack is in and Hillary seems to be out (though still not officially).

From CNN:

U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has made history by becoming the first African-American to head the ticket of a major U.S. political party.

In what he called a "defining moment for our nation," Obama Tuesday passed the necessary 2,118 threshold of delegates and superdelegates who decide on the party's nomination for the White House race, CNN projected.

Your reaction? Now that your choices are clearer, who will you be voting for?


Mr. United States Of America

Obama, scares me with his "gun control" beliefs. I tend to vote along gun lines and would like to see a democrat who can stop equating guns with criminal activity. Many more people use guns to save life than to "take" lives.

Life-long Hunter (and Democrat)

I think that Obama will get some pressure from gun-owners from within the Dem party. I think his platform will be fairly 2nd Ammendment friendly. At any rate, I think the Supreme Court is about to put a major stick in the eye of the anti-gun lobby. My biggest worry in this election is for the McBush contiuation of the wholesale ripoff of our national forests and BLM lands.

Sexy Man

I Could Really Care less about either Dem. running to me i think that either of them in Office is bad for the 2a no matter what they say i don't think there are many Dems who when it comes down to it would protect our 2a rights..

The Sexiest Man Alive

Blue Ox

I think it's time to hide our guns.


Bush and his neocon cronies and crooks have harmed this country in ways most will not fully appreciate for decades. Some of that must be laid at the Republican doorstep. I will soon vote for that party again.


I trust Sen. Obama about as far as I can throw him (figure of speech please)! Read the editorial about Sen. Obama's 2nd Amendment voting record in the June American Rifleman. I'll say it again...he is no friend of the gun owner.

RJ Arena

Sen. Obama is young, speaks well, and has a solid backing from the youth, as well as the left, but it does not hide the fact that he has no experience! The only thing he has done is vote against gun rights. So that pretty much settles it for me. Sen. McCain on the other hand has a great deal of experience, and has a strong pro gun record. Now I heard early on from many conseratives that they didn't like McCain, "that he compremised too much", but that is what a real politician does, and lets face it, the only president that will ever get elected has to be a politician. I can not see us today being led by someone like sen. Obama, regardless of his 2nd amendment stance.We have too many problems that need to be addressed - someone who just says he is going to fix this or that but has no plan, no history of leadership,only says what his selected group of listeners wants to hear, is not the answer. I have heard sen. McCain speak in person(several years ago when I lived in Arizona) and I can follow him. I know he is not perfect, But I am not looking for a saint,I am looking for a leader, a President.

Walt Smith

McCain all the way!! Said it before and I'll say it again-- The MAN spent 4 years plus in the Hanoi Hilton, he not only survived but he thrived. Under those conditions who else would have went as far as he did??? NO ONE!! The man is smart, the man is tough, and the man is a national HERO!! Who else deserves a chance? NO ONE! I will vote McCain in November.

Mc. Squizzy

Well said WaltSmith!!! I totally agree.


McCain all the way! Experience, toughness, guts, savvy, a history of getting things done cooperatively!

Anyone who thinks his Presidency will be a continuation of the current administration better fasten his or her seatbelt! McCain's biggest liability with the conservatives is his independence! His second biggest liability with that group is his cooperative spirit! We may see certain policies continue but overall McCain will be making his own decisions and picking his own people!


Obama doesn't have enough experience in my book and maybe he will cave in to the gun side but if he gets elected he will just switch over and vote down party lines. His wife's influences on his decisions is another matter to be dealt with.

Mike Diehl

I've voted for every Democratic presidential nominee since 1984. Some of 'em including Hillary Clinton were inclined to "gun control," but Obama is the first one running for that office to have advocated a ban on the sale or transfer of handguns and semiautomatic firearms. He's clearly completely NOT in touch with the sorts of people who own firearms, because he has a narrow view of "legitimate" uses and self-defense does not seem to be one of them. And he's the first person the Dems have ever nominated who seems to think that firearms ownership is some kind of symptom of mental distress or illness. He gives me the creeps --like he will in a soothing voice and with a patronizing smile assure all us firearms owners that we will all be happier after spending a decade in an Obamist reeducation camp or something.

So my mind is already made up. I'm voting for McCain.


I agree with the McCain setiment as well and he will receive my vote in November.

Obama will obviously have the full support of the media pushing his campaign in a positive light and I must admit that he (Obama) comes across as an intelligent, charismatic individual that will look very strong when he an McCain debate.

Does the country want experience or a fresh faced dreamer who isn't battle tested?

I guess we'll see in 5 months.



After Bush there was no way I was going to vote republican ever again. I mean the Democrats would have to do something really stupid like strip this michiganders delegates away to throw me back to the repulican party.


I also like McCains speech at the Smith and Wesson factory a few months ago, where he said "I will follow Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell and shoot him dead with your product!"


I'm voting for Obama early in November and going deer hunting a couple weeks later.

He'll be far more 2A-friendly than the doomsayers fear.

The problems with energy, healthcare finance, and loopholes in the financial markets that allowed wildly speculative and fraudulent investment need attention quickly, and McCain has shown me nothing in terms of even acknowledging there are structural problems there. I appreciate his war record, but heroism does not a president make. Lincoln had a short and unglorious time in the militia; FDR was a desk jockey (albeit a highly placed one) in WWI.

The doctrinaire free market economics of the past 7 years and the ham-handed way in which the Bush administration has handled itself in any situation imaginable has placed this country in a real jam.

I am not afraid the Democrat Gun Police will take away my fundamental 2A rights. I am afraid a GOP administration after Bush would lead the country even farther into a no-man's land where not even the rich get richer.


I will, to a small degree, hold my nose and vote for McCain. I'm still a bit torqued with him over McCain-Kennedy-Feingold, but he is a far lesser threat than anything that has come from the Dems in my lifetime (Clintons being a fine example). I usually look at gun rights, abortion, and a handful of social issues in making my decision and the annointed one from Illinois just does not stack up. If only we had Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, or Mike Huckabee. Hey, John, there's some good suggestions for a running mate!!

LeRoy Jennings

I'm not crazy about some of McCain's leftwing votes, however, I'd rather come away with half a loaf than a couple of crumbs.


Obama wants to raise taxes from a top rate of 33% to 39% AND add 8-16% social security tax on top of that. His 55% "success tax" (that's just federal) will destroy more business owners and family farmers that anything Bush has every done. We may be able to block his gun control plans, but if he gets in with a democrat congress hold onto your wallet!


The Democratic Party's nominee apparent is Sen. Obama. He is a freshman senator, whose previous job was as a state senator in Illinois. His voting record speaks louder than, and often contradicts, his speaches. He delivers speaches extremely well, but fails to spell out any of his plans. He has told every group he speaks to what they want to hear and claims to plan changes without enumerating what those changes will be (only berating unpopular topics). Mr. Obama has let us "little people" know what the "big time" senator thinks of "the rest of us" in his comments. There is more content in that comment than in most of Mr. Obama's speaches. He showed his opinion of himself as an "elite individual" and his disdain for the tax payers and voters he asks to vote for him. Mr. Obama is a pure politician, he lacks spine and experience, and America needs more than a good public speaker.

Sen. McCain is widely respected (in both parties) for his knowledge and is well known to vote for what he thinks is right rather than how his party's officials would like. He has shown the ability to work with people regardless of party to get things accomplished. Mr. McCain's service record speaks volumes. He demonstrates integrity and values in an environment that at times shows contempt for those characteristics. I read Mr. McCain's interview in American Hunter, if you haven't had the opportunity to read it, I would recommend any and every voter read it.
I want to see who each candidate looks at/for as running mates - it may say quite a bit about each candidate - their choices may be more important than previous elections going back many years.
I thinks Americans have a choice to make in November, and the stakes are very high. Today, I think a vote for McCain is the right choice.

Just me

Only one comment to Walt Smith. I am friends with someone who was imprisoned in the same place as John McCain, in fact overlapping some of the time. This man lives in the beltway and knows Mr. McCain personally. He will not vote for John McCain and that's enough for me.

That said, it's not that I want Obama in there either, although I'm glad he's the choice and not Hillary.

Needless to say, I'm really torn. We know only what the candidates want us to know about themselves. Their 'records' speak only as far as what gets reported in mainstream media, and heaven knows that stuff is only the latest spin. We're probably shafted no matter who gets into office.

Me? I think I'm going to Bill Heavey route and growing my own food and becoming more sustainable.


Yikes here we go again.

The lesser of two Evils once again!

McCain is my choice unless you want to spend the rest of your hunting days hunting with a slingshot or spear.

I for one cannot wait for the Supreme courts ruling on the second ammendment.

Can you imagine if they tried to strike down the first ammendment?

Obama scare the Hell of of me with his twisted left wing policies.

Obama won't even salute the American flag and the Liberals want to elect him as our american president, I think not!

I just hope now Hillary goes home ( Wherever ) that may be and starts baking Cookies.


Snopes gurlie

Oh please... won't even salute the flag? Is this like the urban myth that Marines with HMX-1 would face sideways to Pres. Clinton when he left the helo, but fully faced Bush because they respected him more?

People take one picture then twist the facts to support their story. Next it'll be the flag pin. And then the lefties will start going on about how McCain 'really' managed to 'thrive' in captivity and that he aided and abetted.

Give it a break people. If you read yet another stupid rumor, at least check it out rather than repeating it. Try snopes.com ... you'll find out that Bill Gates is not sending you checks for $250 and that Nigerian guy? Well, let's just say don't wire him your information.

Just an aside

Well, snopes gurlie, if you took your own advice, you'd see it is TRUE!!! But only sort of.

Apparently if you actually READ the snopes story, you'll see that a position of respect is what matters. And all of the dignitaries had their backs to the flag (it was BEHIND them).

I guess it just means that people can twist anything any direction.

Although I'd like to know what you think of the a*#holes who start clapping at the end of my National Anthem. Yeah dude, like THAT'S respectful. And yet that'll be the same guy touting this quasi-rumor-half-truth thing.

Anyway, Snopes rocks!


just because McCain was a prisoner of war and a war hero doesn,t qualify him to be president! His stance on issues such as the 2cnd amendment ,finishing the job in Iraq and ahganistan,low taxes,porkbarrel spending makes him the lesser of two evils thats why i wiil vote for him

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