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June 04, 2008

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Black Bear Kills 70-Year-Old Quebec Woman

From The Globe and Mail:

The husband of a 70-year-old grandmother who was killed by a bear in northern Quebec fearlessly chased the wild animal off his wife's battered body, according to family members.

As she scouted a fishing hole for walleye, Ms. Lavoie became separated from her husband. Barely 10 minutes later, Mr. Lavoie felt something was amiss and went searching for his wife of 51 years. Metres away he came upon the nightmarish scene of her body being dragged into the forest by a bear.


Blue Ox

Yikes. That is something that nobody should ever have to see. My condolences to the family.
But again, you gotta be careful when going around in bear country.

Mc. Squizzy



I find it really sad, in fact, angering to read articles like this. Where I live in the foothills of California (2600 ft.), as kids we never had to worry when sleeping outside at night or fishing streams, or at anytime. We walked down country roads at night without light or gun and had absolutely no fear of anything. Well times have changed, not just here but apparently everywhere. If legal, I will always have a gun with me when in any sort of Bear country. My condolences to the Lavoie family.

Black Rifle Addict

Sad story, very sad indeed.
My prayers go out to the Lavoie family, as well.
Is there a follow-up story to the hunting down and killing of this bear?

Chris Carpenter

An extreamly sad story indeed. As BA said,I live in Sw Mo and don't really have to worry about bears unless i head south about 50 miles. But after the May 10 tornados the local police killed a black panther that was tring to get into a lady's house about 15 miles from my house. It was declawed so it was probaly a misplaced pet.

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