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June 23, 2008

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Antelope-Poaching Energy Worker Gets Jail Time and Fine

Don’t think gas and oil exploration takes a toll on wildlife? Maybe you haven’t considered this side of the story, from the Billings Gazette:

A magistrate in Sweetwater County has sentenced a Tennessee man to serve 100 days in jail and pay $6,000 in fines and restitution for shooting a doe antelope. . . . Officials say the case is only the latest in a disturbing pattern of out-of-state energy workers wantonly killing Wyoming wildlife. . . .

Brett Johnson, Sweetwater County attorney, prosecuted Bowman and said he hopes the sentence sends a stern message. . . .

"There's a real issue because of all the oil and gas exploration," Johnson said of the transient workers.
"They're out there. There's very few other people out there, and there's a lot of wildlife. They don't think anybody's going to catch them, and most of the time, nobody does catch them. So I hope it does send a message."


Mike Diehl

Well, it does not seem like there is any suggestion that he did it by accident, so this is a good sentence. Now if only we could put people in jail for 100 days for other forms of vandalism too!


hang em high. this clown took a semi auto AK out to the prairie and wasted a doe and fawn(s).


I am glad he got that sentence. He obviously has no respect for wildlife or the laws that protect them. States need to make a stand against this sort of behavior. Any ethical hunter including myself are disgusted by this sort of behavior. The other man who hit the antelope with his truch is no better.

Mc. Squizzy

Perposefully hitting a doe or and game with your car is real crime! Well.... good.


Of course energy development hurts wildlife, and this is just one more way.


ONLY!!! one hundred days and ONLY!!! six thousand dollars. They think that THAT will send a message?

Sexy Man

He says they dont know how to deal with it i do...Make it madatory tht the oil companies alow you to have an Undercover agent working with them the agnt will be able to know within 2 weeks which are the bad seeds and then you simply weed them out!!

The sexiest Man Alive

Orland K

Just another reason why people don't want those people in our hunting areas, not just because they run off game, tear the place up, trash everywhere(people/enviromential).Oh one last thing. Did that piece of crap get to keep his job too?

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