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June 06, 2008

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Airline Bumps Antler Flying Fee To $100

From Reuters:

Bankrupt Frontier Airlines said on Friday it will increase the charge for taking antlers on its planes to $100 from $75. . . .

"During hunting season, people do bring antlers back in cargo" said a spokeswoman for Frontier. "If you look at some of the other airlines, they also have an actual antlers fee, so it does happen," she added.



This is insane... last year i headed out to Colorado to shed hunt for a week. I fit 7 mulie sheds and 2 elk sheds into a large duffel bag amidst some of my clothes. Paying a fee for antlers is absurd!!!


It's crazy what they charge for these days!!!

Mc. Squizzy

That's horrid. Antlers are just luggage!

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