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June 17, 2008

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96-Year-Old New York Woman Bags First Turkey

At the Breesport Baptist Church’s Sportsmen's Day in February, host John Sears, owner of Adventure Game Calls and Guide Service, asked 96-year-old parishioner Pearl Sutphen to help him demonstrate his calls. “She pretty much stole the show,” Joe told the Ithaca Journal. “Before I knew it, she was saying, ‘Sure Joe, I'd love to go hunting with you.'” On May 30th, Sutphen bagged her bird, an 18-pound gobbler. Check out the full story.


Sexy Man

Kudos to you Pearl!!! Amazing Job it's great to hear stories like this it really makes your day and gives hope to me tht at 96 i will be healthy enough to Hunt...In only 4 years she will be 100...Huge Congrats to you from The Sexiest Man Alive!!!!

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