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May 30, 2008

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Wyoming Trophy Wolf Hunt Planned For October 1st

From the Sublette Examiner:

A total “harvest quota” of 25 trophy-game gray wolves, in a hunting season suggested to open Oct. 1 this year in northwest Wyoming, is a new element in this year’s Wyoming Game and Fish (G&F) annual release of proposed hunting season changes.

General licenses will cost $15 for Wyoming hunters, $150 for nonresident hunters.




Me toooooo!!!

I'll be there

Me toooooo!!!

I'll be there

Me toooooo!!!

I'll be there


Well I guess Me toooooo will be there!


The needs of the ranchers trump science as usual.


Matt you are a loser.


Matt, you incredible DUMBASS-
You're talking about shooting dogs. If you want to have an educated discussion on the topic, fine. But the fact of the matter is predators are necessary for a healthy ecosystem. If wolves are endangering your livlihood get a JOB. They were here first.

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