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May 23, 2008

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Would You Like Gas Or A Gun With Your New Car?

From Kansas City’s KMBC-TV News:

Max Motors in Butler is offering anyone who buys a car the choice of $250 in gas or a free semi-automatic handgun. . . .

"We got high gas prices, theft, carjackings, innocent people getting hurt," Moore told KMBC's Chris Nagus.

So far, the handgun is a more popular choice.

"Right now were running 80 percent toward the gun," Moore said.

So, which would you take?


I love these gimmics. We got every dealer competing in the "coolest freeby" competition. I can get a shimano combo, a remington pump, 3 years of gas at $3.00 or a down payment on a new boat.

Evan V

If this guy is a dodge dealer with the 2.99 gas guarantee, go with the gun.

Mc. Squizzy

Gun. Semi-auto's are useful.


I'll take the gas. More and more I'm reading about the guy who uses the gun to stop a burglary or whatever, with no immediate threat to his life, is being labelled as the criminal and going to jail instead of the original perpetrator even if no bodily harm was inflicted. You better think about it before pulling out a gun. These liberal public officials will turn the tables on you. I'll take the gas.


Hell, with the cost of ammo these days (paying damn near $1 a round for 30-06) i'm not sure EITHER choice is the "bargain" they are shoveling!

But props to the critter who came up with this gimmick...goes to show there is still a bit of "real america" left in this country.



Ralph the Rifleman

I would take the gun.


What kind of quality gun can you get for $250.00. Sounds like something you would get for buying the car on Saturday night.

Clay Cooper

I could put that money towards a 45 Win Mag Grizzly Auto!



A $250 semi-auto would likely be a 'Jam-o-matic' 9mm or .380. If I am going out in a gun fight I'd rather have my fully functional .45 in hand!

Sure at today's gas prices $250 doesn't put many miles behind me but I'll take what I can.

I'm in school right now


Is there even a way to not want the gun??


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