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May 05, 2008

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Woman Fined $100K For Felling Public Trees

From an AP story in The Los Angeles Times:

An Incline Village woman who hired a company to chop down trees on national forest land to enhance her view of Lake Tahoe agreed Thursday to pay $100,000 restitution and do 80 hours of community service in a plea deal with federal prosecutors that likely will keep her out of prison.

That may seem like a lot, but in the end she’s got her view and the felony charges [with penalties of up to 10 years in prison and $500,000 in fines) were dropped. Her lawyer told the Times he was pleased with the deal.



We had a similar situation here in Milwaukee a couple years ago. A wealthy mansion-owner cut some trees down in a public park just north of downtown to clear the view of the lake from his living room.

Taxpayers were not amused to say the least...

I'm in school right now

What an idiot. If the view isn't right, move your house! The trees didn't do anything to you. And besides, it's a national forest for Pete's sake!!! I swear, there are those that are meant to mow people's lawns....



this person is a toatal idiot. only a bich would do thaat and she deseves even more punisment. i am sick of this crap. near frances slocom state park here in PA they are doing somthin like that they are building a few mansions for the rich asses and ruining hunting for 500 feet ASSES

Mc. Squizzy

What an idiot.


this is just complete idiocy. she should have felony charges against her and spend the WHOLE sentence behind bars. it amazes me what some people get away with.

Black Rifle Addict

This is a just another example of the arrogant rich getting away with what they want because they can pay their way out of trouble!


I agree with you all this is BS. but i would have thought a tree cutting company would have known better, they should be held with some sort of responsibility too. Unless she told them the land belonged to her or something??

Paul Wilke

I think she should pay to replace the trees, and care for them for three to five years, to insure that the planting is successful. Then to escape prison time she should be made to construct a fence on her property that blocks all view of the lake.


When are we going to really hold the super-rich accountable for their selfish criminal acts? We have a jackass up here who in the midst of running for Congress crashed his car then faked an amnesia induced disappearance which resulted in thousands of dollars worth of search efforts before he magically turned up. Long story short he was convicted and sentenced for felony charges stemming from the incident; out pending appeal he first wanted to go to South America on a 'mission' next turns up in New Orleans with his kids on Spring Break! Give US a freaking break!

Rich or poor; do the crime do the time! Come November vote em all out! Get some real people running this thing for a change! Fire crooked, bought and paid for prosecutors, fire at least half the government minions who sit and sponge off our tax dollars while regulating us regular folks all the more! Fire em all!

Dr. Ralph

Got a different view on this one... the Army Corps of Engineers owns the first so many feet of all property bordering the lakes here in Tennessee and people buy quarter million dollar and up lots (no house included)only to have their lakefront view ruined when trees start sprouting up. Cut at night with a handsaw is the rule of thumb but a gentleman by the name of Alan Jackson who also happens to be a country music legend had the audacity to clear out his beachfront property on Center Hill Lake and they claimed the fine was $10,000 per tree! A few free concerts in Smith County later and all was forgiven. If and when I build on the lake I will cut at night.


The trees were killed to give her a better view. What a selfish [email protected]@. She should move to the city if she does not like looking at trees.



It's a shame you can't enjoy the lake for a weekend and then go home. By building on it, you are detrying natural habitat (what is left of it around there) and limiting the oppurtunity forother to enjoyit.

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