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May 23, 2008

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West Virginia Nuisance Bear Bites 70-Year-Old Man

From The Charleston Gazette:

The Hardy County man tangled with a 150-pound black bear outside his house and came away with 12 puncture wounds from a bite to his leg. He also needed stitches on his head and ear after he fell trying to get away from the animal.

"He was only about six feet from me and he was coming at me at a dead run. I was scared and I thought maybe that was it, I was done," Hines said.


Mc. Squizzy

Sounds painful. They'll probably have enough of the bear and shoot it. That's what happens to most trouble makers.

Black Rifle Addict

Nuisance Bear? What does that mean, really? Shoot it, or relocate it, or leave it alone.


This is the way Bears are getting in California. My neighbor called me last fall because he knew I had a Bear Tag. He said he had 5 Black Bears eating Acorns in his pasture not 70 yards from his house. This in broad daylight and not a bit afraid of him or his wife. So we lined up three other hunters and each one went over there on different days and filled their tags. I filled mine last so I got to hunt the longest in order to score. The Bears are just getting too thick and comfortable. Mountain Lions are getting the same way. Pack a gun wherever you go that it is legal or you may wind up like the guy in this article in West Virginia.


Black bear can be a nuisance even in urban areas of WV. The best thing to do is be as big and as loud as possible when confronted by one.

Clay Cooper

While at a Gun Show in Fairbanks Alaska, the individual always carried his chewing tobacco in his rear pocket. One day out hunting a Grizz wanted it more than him and umpteen stitches later he no longer chews, hell of a way to stop!!!


Their inquisitive nature often leads to trouble.


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