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May 12, 2008

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Video: Moose Nibbles Bowhunter’s Broadhead

Here’s a video sent to me by Shooting Editor Phil Bourjaily, in which a bowhunter almost gets a shot at a big cow moose, but couldn’t quite get her into comfortable shooting range.



One can only hope that he was asleep or something! Wow! I have been close to moose before but never -- her breath fogged my glasses -- that close! They are so beautiful though!

I hold nothing against those who hunt them, I would if I needed that much meat too, but I could not just for the sake of killing a moose.

Sexy Man

He wasnt Asleep He just had A heart!!! See she had her calf with her so only someone with no Heart, which Contrary to PETA's Beliefs most Hunters have, would have shot her.. i think that not only it is an amazing video but someone should snd it to those Jokes at PETA to show that we are not Just blood Thursty Murdereres Which i myself have been called at a hunting convention...

The Sexiest Man Alive


I did see the youngun, was only tongue in cheek on him being asleep. I know why he passed on the shot as I and hopefully all reading this would!


That would be so sick to have that happen!


Awesome video! I wouldn't have taken the shot either. The video alone is the memory of a lifetime.

Sherrill Philip Neese

Good Golly Miss Molly!!!!! This is awesome! :-)

don mitchell

i dont think my old hart could take sitting there like he did. one hell of a video.my hats off to the hunter



Awesome video!

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