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May 02, 2008

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Snakeheads Threaten Arkansas’ White River Basin

From the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

The northern snakehead, an aggressive fish native to Asia, has been found in Lee County and could colonize the lower White River basin. . . .

Of particular concern is the snakehead’s eventual impact on the valuable black bass, crappie, bream and catfish resources in southeast Arkansas.

“This is some of the worst news we could get as fisheries biologists,” said Mark Oliver, assistant chief of fisheries for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. 


I'm in school right now

I wonder how the fish got in there. I heard about the kind of fish that just kind of take over. They are like obnoxious weeds that just eat up everything. I hope the biologists do the right thing about getting the fish out of there.


Mc. Squizzy

It not too easy to get them out. But hey if they've got a way hell! get on it! People should also have some respect and not dump fish in lakes.


Over here in Virginia the Game Department (VDGIF) has put up posters anywhere that you can but bait showing you the difference between a Bowfin and a Snakehead, it then tells you to kill the snakehead instantly and report it to them.

Brian T.

OK, so who has caught the biggest snakehead, the most snakeheads? Catch 'em, prop their mouths open with a stick and let them go. Introduced, feral species shouldn't be on anybody's list of "animals."


Who was that a few month's back saying they should be allowed to breed, raise and sell exotic species in the U.S.!?
This is just another example of, "I'm tired of this, I can't kill them so I'll just turn them loose!"


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