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May 06, 2008

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Six Columbia River Sea Lions Shot Dead

In April, the federal government gave the states of Washington and Oregon permission to kill up to 85 sea lions a year for five years to mitigate the predators’ toll on endangered Chinook salmon that congregate below the Columbia River’s Bonneville Dam. But when the Humane Society of the United States stepped in, a federal appeals court agreed to disallow the killing until it hears arguments this Thursday.
Over the weekend, however, someone took matters into their own hands.

From an AP story in The Mercury News:

Investigators think the killers navigated tricky waters in a restricted area, dropped the doors of two metal cages and then began firing a high-powered rifle at six trapped sea lions.

The sea lions' carcasses were found Sunday in floating cages moored at the base of Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River. . . .

Only one of the six was among the California sea lions that frequent the dam, said Bob Lohn, regional administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service. Two were Steller sea lions, which prefer sturgeon over salmon.

Your reaction?



must have not brought enough ammo.


My question is why Homeland Security isn't investigating the breach of a secured area (a power generating dam). If this department is anything more than a sham than perhaps some precautions would have been put into place to prevent sea lion shooters and *gaspheavenforbid* terrorists from trying to destroy a critical piece of national infrastructure to the NW.


Humans do way more damage to salmon than sea lions ever do, salmon and sea lions have been living together for thousands of years maybe instead of shooting sea lions these people should be doing something constructive like fighting for more water for spawning salmon. These people just give people who are fighting for salmon a bad image


Well said RC.

big d

this shit is stupid

Mc. Squizzy

That's stupid of the killers. A good solution (or part of one) is to provide more cover for the salmon. Then they could hind easier from predators.


You guys might want to google the current news on this one.
Seems the sea lions were not killed by shooting.


I live in Oregon, just heard on news that cause of death for the sea lions was heat stress while in pens.
Again, anyone can use Google to track the current news story. Just type in "sea lions" and hit the news button.

Bill Harsey

Nice to see this story was updated and corrected to reflect the facts unless the purpose of intial posting was for anti-firearm purposes.

I expected a little more from here.

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