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May 20, 2008

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New Mexico Mountain Lion Attacks 5-Year-Old Boy

From an Associated Press story in the Las Cruces Sun-News:

A 5-year-old Albuquerque boy hiking with his family near Sandia Peak has survived an attack from an unidentified large animal the family believes may have been a mountain lion. . . .

When the father gave chase and tried to jump on the animal's back, it let go of the boy . . . .



Obviously a Chupacabra...

Black Rifle Addict

That animal needs to be caught, and killed, as soon as possible. Once a animal attacks a human for food,it will do it again!

Sexy Man

I'm with Tyler!!! hahahaha Good one but really though I hope they investigate and see if they can find it because tylers response was funny but the situation wasn't at all...

The Sexiest man Alive

Blue Ox

I was thinkin' the same thing when I read the headline!
Get out of my head, Tyler! LOL!


Black Rifle Addict,

Why should they kill it? The wilderness is not Disneyland. They should not go out and santitize it. Attacks happen. Deal with it or go to the mall instead.


Agreed Matt. Every time you step foot in the woods there are potential dangers you face. Parents should not have left the kid to wonder in mountain lion habitat.


I agree with Matt and Jimmy, people should be aware of their surroundings when out in the wild


Reading the article it seems that the father is not sure what the animal was, but what is most important is that you do not let a 5 year old go running ahead of you on a hike! It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children proper outdoor safety when in a area that they are not famiular with. Here in Montana you could on many trails surprise many types of game, including moose, which I consider extremely danagerous due to ther size and temperment. The point is when hiking you are not in Disneyland, (and their is the potential of child abduction too) so parents create safety guidlines for their kids.


It irritates me to hear people complaining of issues such as this when they are the ones who move into subdivisions which are in prim mountain lion habitat. While living in the appalachians, black bears have commonly destroyed trash cans and even broken down a door to the shed to get a deer carcass. But I knew what to expect when I moved there.


A lion kil1led and partialy ate a 55 yr old man last week. Man and lion have ocupied the same habitat for 17,000 years. I think it's a little more complicated than blaming it on the sprawl people. Also lions will and have grabbed a kid who was holding his dad's hand. Bad things happen but let's not blame the victim.

Things have definatly gotten much worse. I've been googling for a couple days. Attacks and fatalities are increasing much faster then loss of habitat or even increas in lion populations would tend to predict.

I'd say the various fish and game departments have their work cut out for them.


Our son works for the Bureau of Land Managemenet in NM, he and others while in the field are often tracked and stalked by mountain lions.

It's not about taking precaution, just like a house cat, if they choose you for a meal, they will attack, and will win most battles.

Granted, they belong in the wild as much, if not more than people, yet, the population must be managed, and rogue animals that hunt people, must be eliminated.

If you believe otherwise, please feel free to move to the mountains of NM, and post your comments again, after lions eat your pets, and stalk your children, or you at home or in the woods.

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