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May 09, 2008

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Nanny Saves Toddler In Coyote Attack

From California’s Inland Valley Daily Bulletin:

An 18-month-old girl was hospitalized after a coyote bit her as she played in a park Friday morning. The toddler was in the sandbox when her nanny heard her cry.

The nanny looked up and saw that a coyote had bitten the child on the buttocks and was attempting to carry her off, according to San Bernardino County sheriff's officials.



never heard of that happin here in pa. guess coyotes don't just kill deer and rabbbit. they just got funner to hunt

Mc. Squizzy

Poor girl. Must have scared her so much. I think that a CO2 pellet pistol would scary a coyote like that. U know? Bang BANG! and all. What do u guys think?

now i'm going coyote hunting




This is a product of urban sprawl. As coyotes lose habitat, what choice do they have? They have to eat something. I don't blame coyotes, I blame the people who insist on buying and building new homes and the greedy developers who keep detroying natural habitat to make a buck.


Not such a big deal. I am huge fan of predators on the rebound. Man eating lions in Africa about damn time. Mountain lions in Calli and Colorado attacking the hippies. Go for it! Over hunting is a series crime bound to have consequences. What is one kid in the grand scheme of things right? I mean seriously we abort way more then that daily

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