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May 05, 2008

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Idaho Proposes Wolf Hunting Regs

From an AP story in The Star Tribune:

Hunters searching Idaho's backcountry for wolves would be barred from using bait, snares, traps or electronic calls to help track the predators, but not required to discern between male and female targets.

A set of hunting recommendations proposed Thursday by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game would also bring an immediate end to the season once a mortality quota was reached . . .

The total mortality quota suggested for a 2008 season is 328 . . .


SD Bob

Sounds good to me. Must be quite a pack if in less than a years time we go from not being able to kill one to being able to kill 328.

I'm in school right now

It makes sense. Besides, if there is only 328 wolves, that really isn't enough to have a big hunting season. They should let the numbers get bigger.



Nate, you should seriously stay in school. Maybe even go back to about the 4th grade.

Since you obviously misread it, the article said that the mortality quota was 328, not that there were only 328 wolves in Idaho.

The fact is that there are about 10 times that many wolves in Idaho (thats 3280, since you may not know your arithmetic either).

So, what this all means is that the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Dept. wants hunters to kill 10%, or 328 wolves, out of the total population of 3280.

Ironic isn't it: wolves can go directly from being an endangered species to needing to have 328 of them culled from the population in the state of Idaho alone. I think 3280 wolves is more than enough wolves in Idaho. I would go so far as to say its too many. So, definitely, they should immediately allow the taking of these 328, to thin the population. And they should allow the taking of another 300 next year. And the year after that. And after that....I wanna go wolf hunting.

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