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May 16, 2008

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Florida's Python Numbers Double In Two Years

From AFP:
Giant pythons capable of swallowing a dog and even an alligator are rapidly making south Florida their home, potentially threatening other southeastern states, a study said.

From 2002-2005, 201 of the beasts were caught by state authorities, but in the last two years the number has more than doubled to 418. . . .



Kill them all!!!

get a good leather demand from the boot market and people will kill them for about 2 $ a piece all day long.

Mc. Squizzy

yeah i agree with the last comment.

They should get some guns and shoot all the slimy suckers.


only because they're not native to florida I say get them out of there.



Kill all the f$^&#@# pythons

Brian T

1. If we could skin them like pulling off a sock, just think of all the lovely gun cases we could make. Put the zipper in their lips.
2. What does Florida F&W have to say about "harvest?"


It is time to ban the exotic pet trade in this country. The global pet trade has had devestating impacts on ecosystems animals are remove from and ecosystems unwanted pets are discarded into.Get a dog at the pound and save an animal's life rather than getting a pyhton you are not prepared to take care of long term.


I agree with Matt! Personally I like snakes, but not the exotics that have no business being here. Get rid of them.


I also feel that some kind of harvest needs to be done. If the numbers continue to rise Florida could be facing a serious problem as well as other SE states.


I think we all agree that they should be exterminated, but the way some of us put it is really childish, c'mon people grow up and have some kinda respect for um. (2#$96$$)

no name,
Pythons are not slimy!



I think Florida should put a bounty on them like Louisiana did on nutria. La pays $5 per nutria tail.
....I bet python hunting is fun.

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