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May 09, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Clinton Calls Obama Anti-Gun

Anyone see any irony in this, from The New York Sun:

Senator Clinton's campaign is attacking Senator Obama over his position on guns . . . .The campaign has sent a mail piece to voters in Indiana that asks in large font, "Where does Barack Obama really stand on guns?" On the other side, it says: "Depends on who Barack Obama is talking to." The flier refers to . . . Mr. Obama saying he supported the Second Amendment in Idaho while also mentioning his oft-repeated statement from a San Francisco fund-raiser in which he said small-town Americans "bitter" over the economy "cling" to religion and guns. Both Democratic candidates favor gun control measures such as a ban on assault weapons and strengthening the federal background check system.




What a b#tch! Is she looking in a mirror? These two don't like guns, never did like guns, don't think anyone should own them and would ban all of them if they could!


Blue Ox

A classic case of the tea pot calling the kettle black.


The Klinton meltdown is coming! Huzzah! Love it!


personally i think they are both asses and everybody should vote for macain. but cliton has a point(even is she is a bitch) first he says he supports guns then he calls all of us pennslyvannians bitter and cling to guns(even if i am obbsessed with guns) it is getting stubid

Mc. Squizzy

MC. CAIN!!!!!
not these idiots!!!!

Trae B.

I'm not obsessed with guns...but ya'll should see this new 22-250 I got its really flat shooting............


If I pass gas and you pass gas then I have to make sure everyone thinks you are the stinker!

Hilabitch is grasping at anything to try to stay in the game.


MCcain sucks Di*k and hillary is a contolling bitch barrack is awesome and i cant stand people who want to get rid of guns


your post makes no logical sense.
"Barack is awesome" and "i can't stand people who want to get rid of guns"

please reconcile those two opposing statements please.

Because as all of us know, Barack does NOT like guns, and has made that pretty clear throughout his career, voting record, and now his campaign.

i agree with all the others. McCain is the way to go.
And i really hope that he gets Huckabee for Vice President, that way in case he kicks the can (he is getting pretty old) we will have a great VP to take over the wheel.


While I like Huckabee I don't think that will be the best choice of Veep Running mate for McCain. He needs someone to appeal to middle of the road votes. I've said he could go with Christie Whitman or Mike Pataki in the past and been either ignored or flamed but I still hold those as good middle choices. Colin Powell has repeated that he is not interested so many times I have to wonder. Romney is still in the running I would guess both for his money and middle politics. What we do have to face is that we are unlikely to see a true friend of the Second Amendment on the bottom of that ticket.


While I'd love Colin Powell, I think he's about McCanin's age. I'm hoping for a young conservative with some type of track record, and who would be electable down the road.

Frankly, it won't make any difference this time. My vote for the ex POW is pretty much set in iron.


why don't we all vote for huckleberry finn


Or vote for Chuck Norris!


Yeah everyone should vote for mcain. cuz we need four or even eight more years of war, shitty economy, bad schools. I take it nobody here is in the " top 5 percent"? you know republicans only give tax breaks to the rich right? but if you voted democrat just think of all the guns you could buy. Oh but wait they are gonna ban guns!! (which is bullshit) how many years have you guns been talking about how guns are going to get banned? forever probably. and how many times were guns banned? I think none...I could be wrong though. So vote democrat, get tax breaks, buy guns, and buy tickets to country music festivals where you can talk about your ak47s with other rednecks while drinking shitty bud light.


What makes you think that the Dems will do any better with the economy? Most of the gripes that I hear are about gas prices. Yeah, they're bad, compared to the past. Have you looked at the price of gas in Canada? How about Europe? Maybe you don't own a gun. Perhaps you enjoy living in a crime infested neighborhood. Maybe you relish the fact that most urban kids get cheated out of half of their high school education.

If BHO is elected, he will begin that job with less experience than anyone in at least 100 years. Possibly the least experienced candidate ever! I for one, will stick with someone with a track record.

r napolitano

liar liar pants suit on fire, hillary has the nerve to call obama anti 2nd ammendment, the two of them never met a gun control issue they didnt love, a tax they wouldnt impose, a big government program they didnt support, a lie they would not tell to get elected.
Bet she knows the defnition of IS is and her and her husband are classic examples of saying anything for a vote.

Dan W.

Every one of you should read "Deer Hunting With Jesus." This book will open your eyes to the ploys of morons you have been voting for. What America really needs is change, and there is only one person who will do this. McCain or any other right wing theocrat will continue to drive us to ruin. Oh well I really shouldn't be giving reading advice to the doulble wide crowd. Before you write a post pleasse check your spelling.


PH- that comment was hilarious.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Obama would be the most liberal anti-gun president ever elected. Clinton is not friend to gun owners, but I'd take her over Obama any day and take McCain over either.

George Bush cut marginal tax rates for EVERY TAX PAYER in America. Obama's class warfare / socialism will raise income taxes to 40% and add 8-16% social security taxes on income over 100m. Call me crazy for thinking everyone in American should keep at least 50% of what they make. Of course we will all get "free" government healthcare- after standing in line with 20 million illegal immigrants I guess.


I know it's been said before, but talk about the pot and the kettle!!


It's the old bait and switch. Both Democratic candidates have a lousy track record on 2nd Amendment issues. What will happen is both Dem hopefulls will attempt to project a friendly image to firearm owners. If either is elected, the President elect will continue to claim no anti gun bias while voting for "sensible" gun control laws that "we all" (whomever "we all" are) can live with. We all know what these so-called sensible laws will be.
BTW Dan W. you misspelled please. I do not live in a double wide. I am somewhere in the mid middle class range economically. I have owner financed my first home (paid for) to a young couple just starting out @ 5% interest w/no balloon. Obama has already stated he wants to raise the federal capital gain tax back to 22% or more. I lost my exemption on my first home and the current combined federal and state capital gain tax is 22% combined. If he raises just the federal CGT to 22%, I opine it will further cripple the housing and construction industry. It is a ridiculous tax anyway whereby I do all the work and the government stands there when I am about to reap the reward of my labor with its hand out. If I have misspelled any words it is due more to my fat fingers or hurried typing than my lack of education.

don mitchell

Mc Cain is # 1 in my book, as for PH, what a joke. HA HA.


Gas prices yooper jack? im talking about the economy not gas prices. sure gas prices basically control the economy but gas prices are a differant story all together. and no im not gonna waste my time looking at the prices in europe and canada. Yooper jack did you know exon-mobile made something like ten billion dollars profit last quarter. thats three months yooperjack. ten billion dollars profit. now you tell me why gas prices are so high.
Least experience in the last 100 years. Oh Bush has had TONS of experience prior to his invasion of iraq hasnt he. and mccain, wow he was a pow, stop the presses that must make him qualified huh? bottom line is I think obama would do better with economy because thats what he talks about, and mccain has said...on more than one occasion " I dont know much about the economy"


And yes yooperjack I own guns, no I dont live in a "crime infested" area. and I agree that some kids get cheated out of half thier education cuz your man Dubya doesnt give grants to schools with low test scores...and where are the schools that get low test scores? urban areas thats right. So maybe they just dont have the same resources suburan schools do. could that be?


You are buying; hook, line and sinker; the liberal media line that we are wrong to be in Iraq. That is just the start of your wrongheadedness. Our economy is cyclic; Presidents and Congresses have tried for ages to smooth the bumps out, without success. While I am sure that a certain poster (initials MD) will come on and provide a ton of 'facts' and figures as to why this administration is the worst ever on the economy we are really not in as terrible shape as the media would sell you to believe. Yes we are in a down cycle, yet there is still job creation in many segments across most regions. I will say that we MUST do more to keep existing manufacturing jobs here and even see increases in that sector! But that is a function of 'free' trade -- a 1st Klintonista Regime legacy -- which is a serious misnomer; "It aint free trade if it COSTS American Jobs!" I say!

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