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May 05, 2008

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Discussion Topic Update: Colorado Shoots Down Prairie Dog Petition

In March, we asked, “Is Prairie Dog Hunting ‘Hunting’?” (see our previous blog coverage)  Well, whatever you call it, the Colorado Wildlife Commission has unanimously denied a petition to ban the practice.

From The Daily Sentinel:

A citizen’s petition to ban the recreational shooting of prairie dogs came to a quick death Thursday at the hands of the Colorado Wildlife Commission.

Testimony on the controversial issue raised concerns on one side about cruelty to animals and hunting ethics and equally fervent concerns on the other side about protecting private property rights, game-damage control and introducing youths to hunting. It took more than an hour and was dominated by opponents to the petition. . . .

Commissioner Robert Bray, a rancher near Redvale, said the issue “goes beyond (recreational shooting), it’s a gun rights and hunting rights issue.”

His motion to deny the petition passed 9-0.

Did they make the right decision?



KUDOS TO THEM!!! Great job, Colorado Wildlife Commission!

Never let emotions interfere with sound, scientific hunting practicies.

One battle at a time is how we will educate the people, and I'm glad to see that we won this one!

God Bless the Colorado Wildlife Commission!

I'm in school right now

Amen Scrap5000! No animal should be subject to target practice. The CWC was so right.


Sexy Man


I think you need to stay in school longer because i don't know what you read but what i read means that nothing is going to chnge tht the dogs will be hunted just the same as before... i not quite sure i understnd your post it sounds like your against them hunting the dogs??

The Sexiest Man Alive


Definitely right. Come to Montana sometime and see the square miles of destroyed rangeland by these little critters.
Unfortunately, People like Nate who are in school aren't taught to read, then they go on to be voting members of PETA.

Mc. Squizzy

Yeah what's up Nate?

Mc. Squizzy

Yeah what's up Nate?


they made the right decision, if the "animal rights activist" had won what other hunting or gun rights would they challenge next.

This is a tack that the anti's are trying with fair success wherever they have a chance.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court reviewed a case of a hunting preserve (provides boar, sheep and other exotic hunts), where a "Pennsylvania Taxpayer" complained that the Pennsylvania Game Commission was not performing its duty to regulate Tioga Game . The ruling seems so broad in character that any animals put out to pasture, and which breed freely, might be considered subject to PGC's regulation!


Paul Wilke

Sounds a lot like shooting rats in the town dump. Maybe a little tougher, and a lot more fun.
No one ever complained about the town dump, I can't see very much difference. What's to complain about, you're shooting rodents that you can't eliminate, only control, in an area that is no good for any thing else at the moment?
Hope to get to try it some day.


Prarie dogs do not detroy rangeland for anyone but ranchers. The bison and all other species benefited from Prarie Dogs. A limited season with daily limits for prarie dogs may be justified in some cases, but those who go out and kill 100 with an automatic are making hunters look bad and damaging the ecosystem.

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