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May 30, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Is The National Park Gun Ban Unconstitutional?

It is according to Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who admits to packing in Big Bend National Park and offers no apologies for it.

From a special commentary in the San Antonio Express-News:

“Evidently, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson was absent from school the day the Constitution was covered,” wrote the San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board.

While that's an awfully cute jab, the reality is I've learned the Constitution over the course of a lifetime – not just one day. I've taken oaths to uphold and protect our Constitution – as a U.S. Marine and as a state elected official.

So look at the facts.

The ban on loaded firearms in National Park is not a law. It is a rule enacted by unelected bureaucrats of the National Park Service. There was no legislative process — these bureaucrats arbitrarily terminated this Constitutional right.

Fortunately, the clearly unconstitutional National Park Service rules on possessing firearms in federal parks are changing. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne recently proposed new rules that would respect state firearm laws and the Second Amendment.

Check out the full commentary and tell us our reaction?



Kempthorne is on the right track, once the Supreme Court renders their decision in the DS case we will (hopefully - fingers crossed) more of our Second Amendment protections back. That protection will extend to our National Parks. We will still have two-bit bureaurocrats attempting to abrogate our Rights and impose their will on us but we will have a powerful presidence with which to fight back.

Sexy Man

This is why i'm for Guns is national Parks i read a story once...A long time ago about a man who hiking in Yellowstone national Park and was attack by a bear and i'm guessing he was much like mr patterson he was carrying as loaded pistol a shot the bear while he only grazed it and didnt kill it, the gun saved his life after the incedent he was fined i Dont know the exact amount adn faced jail time...( i believe the charges were later dropped and he just had to pay a fine) but i just dont understnd the reasoning in this it's not like we are going to hunt the park we are just trying to protect ourselves, like when i carry my 9mm when driving through the city.. i'm not going out planning on shooting somone but im protecting myself in case some hoodlum thinks he is tougher then me...

The Sexiest Man Alive


The San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board must have been absent from school the day fact finding was covered...


I am all for carrying firearms in state parks especially in yosemite it's gotten so bad there that your actually told to not wander far away because you might get shot by the drug dealers who grow drugs there, if they can't protect us at least let us protect ourselves.


God bless the United States of America and the Constitution. I too have my fingers crossed that the Supreme Court will improve the strength of the 2nd Amendment. Perhaps the next case to be brought before the court will be one that tests the NPS rules, if they don't figure out on their own that the national and state laws supersede their rules.


Yes the Constitution PROHIBITS, MAKES ILLEGAL, DOES NOT ALLOW, SAYS "NOT NO>>>BUT HELL NO" to the Federal Government prohibting the People the Right to Bear Arms.

Blue Ox

What part of 'shall not be infringed' do you not understand?


I agree Blueox! I consider even so called "common sense gun laws" an infringement. Of course my views tend to be more contrary.


It's possible that the gentleman at this shop had a conversion kit. If not, I think very early in this article the ignorance of the press regarding such topics comes to the fore.



Look, if you mouth breathers want to carry guns, go buy some land to do so !!! Oh, but I digress ... You're a mouth breather.

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