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May 29, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Toronto Mayor Targets Gun Clubs

He also has gun manufacturers in his sights. In fact, he’s pretty much after the whole shooting match.

From the Toronto Sun:

Mayor David Miller is turning his sights on shooting clubs and gun manufacturers.

The mayor, who last month called for a national handgun ban, said yesterday he supports new recommendations to shut down two gun clubs that operate out of city-run facilities.

The recommendations . . . also call for a new zoning bylaw to restrict the use of firing ranges to the police, military and provincial and federal governments.

The bylaw would "prohibit establishments that manufacture, assemble, warehouse and/or distribute guns."

Your reaction?



This is complete BS


"Guns are stolen routinely from so-called legal owners." A quote from the Mayor in the article. So apparently a persons possessions are responsible for theft. Well lets solve carjacking by getting all cars of the road. Surely no one will rob a bank if we burn all that crime causing money. I bet home break ins will never occur if we outlaw high dollar electronics and fancy jewelery.
This kind of logic where you kill all the chickens to rid yourself of foxes just gets me.

Chad Love

What a hoser.

Jon R

Let him stay on that side of the border!

Blue Ox

Never had a reason to visit canada. Sure as hell I never will.


WTF, come on this guy uses some of the worst logic, unfortunately we see this type of "reasoning" all the time and the worst part is that people believe it, thank God gun manufactures have such powerful lobbies or we be doomed.


Just another politician pandering to the sheep in his city, preying on their fears and paranoia.

When will these fools realize that disarming innocent, law abiding citizens will only make the criminals stronger?

It never stops and only seems to get worse the more urban and suburban the world becomes. So many people aren't raised around firearms and hunting anymore that sadly, many see no need for either.



Sorry, I meant to say we would be doomed.


I cannot believe this person was able to come up with his lame excuse to outlaw guns. Canada had, and still does, have a frontier similar to our old west. The only difference is the border between the two nations.

Sounds like little Davy was never allowed to play with a toy gun as a kid.


I'm sure the local police love this guy- look at all the time he freed up for them, no qualifying, practice shoots, etc. He then can take away their side arms and give them whistles! Or maybe signs that say "STOP THIEF" in several languages.He sound like he is a great running mate for O.B., but alas he is Canadian!


Oh brother! Just another reason to buy a gun.

John W

Does he really think public gun ranges are practice and gathering spots for the criminal element? Life must be so easy for folks who make up the facts as they go along.


had anybody heard whether or not Michigan is going to be having a week long anterless deer hunt in September. I heard about it from a guy at work but wanted to know if anybody else had heard about it.


This is further proof that the USA is the only real free nation on Earth!


This is the kind of political BS us Canadian gun owners have to listen to weekly up here. I live in Alberta (a world away from Toronto, Ontario) but we are still bombarded by the politician's rant that guns are dangerous, evil things that nobody needs. You guys are right, the criminals may have it made up here one day.

r napolitano

Must be a relative of Bloomberg. But this is the difference between citizens and subjects, no 2nd ammendment in Canada. Politicians like him and Obama, and Hillary and Chuckie S are just playing to feel good ideas that have no connection to realtity. They will limit your right to self defense as long as they have police and secret servcie agets to protect them and their families, that is why we must never give up the fight to the right to defend ourselves from the criminals and the government, Remember Hitlers first legislation was gun control under the guise of public saftey, and we all know how safe the populace became espcially jews, gypsies, liberals, intellectuals, artists etc. Citizens yes, subjects no.


I have in the PAST hunted in Canada many times but will no longer go there to hunt or even go there on Vacation.

They have the most restictive guns laws you can imagine, Just like England and Australia where they went as far as to ban many guns that even where passed down from your Grandfathers and where declared illegal, where confiscated and destoyed without compensation.

Hurt them where it hurts the most, in their pocketbooks and Hunt at home in the Good Old USA.

I have the past ten years hunted in most of the Mid West states and we have the best whitetails right here at home.

If you want to hunt really big game then go to Alaska which is second to none.

Canada is ruled by the Big City Liberal just like we are controlled here in New York by New York City Liberals ( Take your guns and guns rights away Mayor Bloomburg )

Have you ever tried to cross the Border into Canada with an NRA sticker on your vehicle? I have and was subjected to the most intense car and luggage search you can imagine.

They want and need our money and if you talk to any sportman or Guide in Canada they are all fed up by being controlled by the Big City Liberals, Thank God we have the Bill of Rights that protect us from most of the Liberal gun laws.

Join the NRA and help us fight the fight right here at home.



What a complete moron!


I hear you outdoors brothers, unfortunately i have to live with this Liberal BS constantly! There are always new "safety regulations" for the safe gun owners but they do nothing about the illegal firearms. At this rate in 50years guns will be a thing of the past, we will drive around in our half-ass hybrids getting shot.

Don't let this happen to you America!

Don't let this happen to you america!


We'll, maybe its time to fight this in a different way.
Hum, if the Mayor wants make his city a target, then I guess its time to print in the papers, place adds on the internet (Utube) and send out emails letting everyone know where all the sales will be.
Cheap to free pre-Christmas sale. No need for money, you keep what you can carry. WOW


O, I forgot, no need for prices on the pumps, "IT FREE. He is a true pinhead !!!


A Candian friend told me laws like this get passed in Canada because Canadians are push-overs. They've been taxed heavily, been overrun by corrupt politicians, and they've basically given up the fight.

Let's remember this event, lest we forget, and repeat their mistake here!


This idiot mayor in Toronto is not an idiot. He is a clever, conniving, skilled politition who knows that the citizens who elect him think inside a wee tiny box and believe everything they see or read in the news. He knows he can lie like a policeman and get away with it. There's much we can do, however. Resist this dishonest manipulative skumbag who is merely trying to retain power in his political arena.

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