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May 27, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Idaho Approves Wolf Hunt

From the Idaho Mountain Express and Guide:

"It's time to take a collective sigh," [Idaho Fish and Game director Cal] Groen said. "This is history."

[On] Thursday, Fish and Game commissioners set the statewide season for wolf hunting this fall . . . . [H]unters will be able to pursue wolves from Sept. 15 to Dec. 31. From Sept. 15 until Oct.1, only Idaho's backcountry areas in the Frank Church-River of No Return and Selway Bitterroot wilderness areas will be open to wolf hunting. Hunters will be able to use any weapon during that time.

From Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, all of Idaho will be open to wolf hunting and hunters will be able to use any weapon. . . .

[O]nce the statewide [mortality] quota is reached, all hunting will cease. Similarly, once pre-set quotas in individual wolf hunting zones is reached, hunting in those zones will stop.

Your reaction?


Blue Ox

Now you see them, now you won't.


Blue ox,

You like that saying don't ya! For some reason it always makes me chuckle don't really know why. And yet it always fits the topic and explains whats happening so.......

"Now you see them, soon you won't"



A lot of people seem to be up in arms about the whole issue of putting wolves on a hunting tag. I don't see it as a problem at all, provided of course that we have competent people managing the process. If the number of wolves taken is a safe number, there should not be an issue. Again, though, that is if the people making the decisions know what in hell they are doing. Just wait 'til I get my degree........


It sounds like a winner! Can out of staters hunt?

Ralph the Rifleman

Sounds good to me, and I would like to hunt them for the challenge of it. My understanding is they are a very elusive animal with a wide hunting range making them a hard hunt to get a kill. I also believe once the shooting starts they will even become more elusive to find.

Blue Ox


I do like saying that, but I usually save it for a subject that's fitting...kinda like this one. I like to track wolves, just to see what they're up to, maybe get a pic or three, but I won't shoot one. It'd be too much like shooting my dog. (he's half wolf) Now I'm not by any means against a wolf hunt, especially if there are too many of them runnin' around. But like Wes said, only a safe number need to be taken. Just enough to keep everything else in balance.


The ranchers are happy, but they always get their way at the expense of taxpayers and wildlife, so why wouldn't they?


I'm not convinced that this de-listing of the grey wolf was not a little premature. Time will tell, I guess, but I hope it doesn't come at the expense of the lower 48 wolves.

Dave in IDAHO

MATT said "The ranchers are happy, but they always get their way at the expense of taxpayers and wildlife, so why wouldn't they?"

Not sure what you mean by "why wouldn't they?". Why wouldn't who what?

And the expense of the taxpayers part really gets my dander up. Do you mean the hundreds of millions of dollars spent to reintroduce the canadian gray wolf into a region where they have never roamed naturally?

At the expense of wildlife? Do you mean the wildlife that is being eaten by the wolves?

I think the wolf reintro has run it's course. The wolf is no longer on the endangered list - you should see this as a good thing if you truly are gullible enough to believe they were endangered to begin with. But now the wolves need to be managed. What better way than to charge for a hunt license and tag? Put some of the wasted dollars back into the hands of the taxpayers.


Well Blue ox,
I agree with you all the way. If you don't have a reason to kill then don't. We seem to kill for the sake of killin' or because we can these days.



You guys are idiots. Why are they going to disapear? They will be gone like deer? elk? moose? geese? ducks? what animal that is managed by the DOW is in danger of not being seen anymore?

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