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May 27, 2008

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Circle Hooks Now Required For Gulf Anglers

From the North Florida News Daily:

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reminds anglers that new rules go into effect June 1 requiring all people fishing from a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida for any reef fish species to carry and use circle hooks, dehooking devices and venting tools.

These new rules are intended to help more Gulf reef fish survive if they must be released when they are not legal to harvest. Many reef fish species . . . need protection, and anglers can help maintain and rebuild reef fish stocks by properly handling and releasing fish.


Black Rifle Addict

Makes me wonder what commercial fishing nets kill thus having an impact on untargeted species?


We are experiencing the same sort of thing here on Long Island NY with commercial fisherman.

Over the past decade commercial fisherman are allowed to catch 200 pounds of Fluke, ( summer flounder) per day.

What the public does not know is that the commercial boats catch somewhere around 1000 pounds of fluke per day in their drag nets.

All fish die ( Drown ) due to the nets and the way they are caught, but since the Jumbo Fluke demand more money at the fish market only 200 pounds are kept according to DEC laws and the rest are thrown back dead.

And we as recreational fisherman are only allowed to keep four fish over 21 inches per day which is nearly impossible when fishing inside of our bays and very difficult outside in the Atlantic ocean and with the price of Gas on the water costing well over $5.00 per gallon now there are a lot of fisherman just quitting fishing altogether.

Something is rotten in that system as no one checks as to what it going on when the commercial boats are off shore and not checked and only checked once in a while when they pull in at the end of the day.

And we are told every year the population of Fluke is going down and down.

Multiply this times 20-30 commercial draggers and the numbers are staggering. How about 20,000 pound per day are killed and wasted just here on Long Island!

This is not hearsay as a friend of mine knows a commercial fisherman who told him their dark dirty secret.

We went through the same thing years ago with the Stiped bass, the hawl seiners would drag up their nets full of dead striped bass on the beach and take only the largest bass and leave the smaller ones to rot on the beach.

Thank God the DEC finally stopped that practice and the Striped bass made a big comeback.

If you remember, it was in all the Newspapers and made all of the TV news programs when singer Billy Joel helped the hawl seiners do a protest Hawl seine after it was found illegal and was photographed carrying an illegal striped bass up the beach in front of all the news cameras and was arrested for hawl seining for striped bass after it was no longer legal and now most fisherman know Billy Joel in just another hollywood type JERK looking for publicity!


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