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April 09, 2008

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Wisconsin Wild Turkeys Go Postal

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

Between five and 10 large male turkeys, or toms -- apparently a little giddy with the onset of turkey breeding season -- have been bullying postal workers as they make their rounds, pecking at them and even trying to rough them up with the sharp spurs on their legs. One of the birds launched itself through the open door of a mail truck and scratched the driver.

In self-defense, postal workers have armed themselves—with water pistols. That, you’ll be shocked to learn, isn’t working out so well.



just another case of "when man stops acting like the predator he is, nature stops treating him like one". Shoot a couple of them and they'll get the hint real fast.

Give me the adress. I still haven't gotten one this season.

Sexy Man

I love the "Armed with Water Pistols".. Are they Serious? Hold on let me go into the basemnt and Drag out the Old Super Soaker 90... Yeah i Still have one with that low of a Number on it... Come on People I'm with the Anym. Post Give me the address if i was a postal worker id be take my 45 and plucked my self dinner for the night...first Anthrax Now turkeys what is this world Coming to for the Good old USPS!!!!

Evan V

I have the 2 best anti-turkey weapons EVER. They're attached to my body, and are tipped with shoes. All you have to do is pull back, and launch forward!

Seriously, airsoft pistols would have been better and just as cheap.


Evan V,
Personally I think water and airsoft guns are to cruel, rubber bands are a much better choice.


Nicholas Disessa

For MPN's information, there is a 300 shot rubberband Gatlling for sale on some web site. Maybe mail-men should have them mouted on the vans?


I don't know what these guys are thinking!?! That turkey jumps in my truck, at me; five hours later "Dinner is served!"

Yeah buddy, maybe one of those pistol framed crossbows would be the ticked!


Are our USPS workers becoming "hen" pecked!?
It's been a long time since I heard of anybody being gobbled to death by a bull turkey!


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