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April 30, 2008

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Teen Arrested For Abusing Dead Fox Squirrel

How does something like this go down? I mean, do bored teenagers hang around having conversations like this:

“So what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know, what you want do?”

“I don’t know. . . .”

“Hmm. . . .”

“I guess we could throw a dead squirrel off the top of a parking garage”

“Yeah, all right.”

Anyway, check out this crazy story. Maybe you can think of a fitting punishment.



Bored cops and stupid kids.

The punishment seems a bit over the top, but what the hell are three teenagers doing kicking and throwing a dead squirrel around?

How about going to school or getting a job? Or maybe just growing up?




That is crazy. Stupid, bored kids, stupid, bored cops.

But, I'm wondering, can you really abuse something that's dead? Once it's dead, isn't it pretty much just meat, or have the animal rights nuts declared that dead flesh is sacred? So, if I cook my steak incorrectly, can I be arrested for it?

I can see the danger in throwing it off the structure, but what's the big deal about kicking it around? Wouldn't that be more like littering? Laws gone wild.

Perhaps a fitting punishment for them would be to have to eat the squirrel.


This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Get a f*cking life, coppers.

These kids have a criminal record now for kicking around a dead squirrel??!! For the love of God!!

No wonder so many people hate the police nowadays.

Thank goodness I didn't get tickited for bowling with those hams and turkeys last year! There was some major frozen-poultry abuse going down that night! And for those of you wondering...that is pretty much how most youth spend their free time(i.e.“So what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know, what you want do?”).
I have a job and school is not 24/7, but admit it-you did stupid stuff when you were a teen also. It's what makes that time in your life exciting.

Mike Diehl

It's childish conduct but not the kind of thing that I would ever convict on was I on a jury, and I'd wonder how the police had managed to take such leave from their senses that they thought this was important.

I'm in school right now

Isn't running over a live animal abuse of a living animal? Hmmm... maybe the squirrel was annoying them, or maybe they're stupid, or maybe the cops had too many donuts. There are kids smoking crack in the streets and they ticket squirrel abuse??? Stupid.



There is no reason for those kids to be messing with the Body of a dead animal like that. I think a little community service might learn them respect for god's things. Living or Dead.

Now I think the more sever problem and was barely discussed in the article was the 3 middle schoolers throwing bricks off the top of the building. That is dangerous and shows a lack of abitlity to see the consequences of thier actions. Thos kids are the ones that need to be charged and punished severly.


I'm with Jason trowing bricks off a building is way more dangerous than kicking a squirrel around


I am amazed and perplexed! I suppose that there is no real crime in that city to speak of.
I will go so far as to agree that doing stuff with a dead squirrel is in bad taste, but that's it.
Unfortunately we are going to see more of this. The new age answer for the problems of youth is to arrest them. You can add this to the kids arrested in school for having a water pistol or pair of scissors in a pocketbook. Geez!


wow, what a stupid thing to get arressted for. i think the cops could have found something more useful to be doing. like supporting their local bakery.


I been thinking about this a bit more. I have to wonder if these kids were just exploring the difference between life and death. Haven't we all at some point poked the dead cat with stick? It is just a shame that they were not outdoors at an age when kids normally do that sort of thing. Imagine if these kids were taken hunting when they were younger. They could have been guided through the difficult discovery of ones own mortaility by their parents. Instead the adults in their lifes cut themselves out of the conversation and missed an oppertunity to change these kids life.


Get a pound of pot, a bunch of cocaine, a cooler full of alcohol, and as many hookers as you can fit in the back of a truck. just dont kick a dead squirrel.


Get a pound of pot, a bunch of cocaine, a cooler full of alcohol, and as many hookers as you can fit in the back of a truck. just dont kick a dead squirrel.

Sexy Man

Ok this is how it really went down...

Son: Mom we got a squirrel for Dinner tonight..

Mom: ok let me get the Tenderizer..

Mom: i can't find it just go Skin it and i will cook it for Dinner..

Son:(to Friend)- Hey i know how we can get it Tender for her.

Friend: how i thought she couln't find it..

Son: ohh thats ok go up there on the Garage and Just drop it off i will film it so we can show my mom how Smart we Are that we came up with this Idea..

Friend: ok but we better stomp on it a little first then throw it at the Garage wall just in Case that way it will be Extra Tender..

Son: ok perfect mom's gonna Love this Were Geniuses!!!!!

Come on people the Thing was Dead i Dont dont call that An Animal anymore i call it Very Tender Squirrel Stew that Only Mom can Make...

The Sexiest Man Alive

Blue Ox

Brunswick stew, baby!

Trae B.

Cop: Oh look a cinderblock.HHmmmm

2 hours later

Cop: Was that a squirrel! (drops doughnut)...I'm arresting these damn kids...Made me drop my doughnut i'll lock em' up for life


I wonder if there were any squirrels in the neighborhood watching in horror as they kicked the carcass?


This squirrel thing is absolutely too inane to even comment on!


Cinder block off the top of the garage! Now THAT should be dealt with! Harshly!



I don't like squirrels so I don't feel bad about what happened, but I do care about dogs and if I saw someone drop a black lab or what have you, off a building, I'd be offended. Some people probably care about squirrels in the same way. I think it's crude dead or alive. Saying this, I have thrown dead squirrels around, but not in public.

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