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April 22, 2008

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Seven-Bearded Gobbler Sets Mississippi Record

From the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal:

Jerrell Keele knew his turkey had a pretty good beard . . . when he shot him . . . from 37 yards away.

But the 67-year-old Burnsville resident didn't realize that the 17.28-pound turkey actually had seven beards and scored enough points to make it a state record in the nontypical division. 
. . .

“The [registration] form only has room to write in six beards for each turkey," said Keele, whose turkey scored 151.155 points. "Jerry Hazlewood (the Northeast Region wildlife biologist) wrote in the seventh beard on the side of the form."


NH Philosopher

AWESOME - I spooked my gobbler last weekend. Have an appt with him this weekend though - in his living room in VA.

Blue Ox

Good stuff!


hell id take a turkey with just one of those beards


well done!

i've been dieing to get out for some turkey hunting but i'm stuck at college and don't get home till the last week of hunting.
but great job on a nice bird!

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