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April 08, 2008

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Poachers Blast A Dozen Turkeys During Youth Hunt

It’s tempting to encourage all hunters to pass on the tradition. But lets face it, a few are shamefully unqualified to do the job.

From The Courier-Journal:

Jeff Skelton, an assistant law-enforcement supervisor for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, called it "perhaps the most blatant violation of the turkey game laws in recent history."

Two Tennessee men and two juveniles have been cited on numerous charges after allegedly killing at least a dozen turkeys during that state's recent youth turkey hunt weekend.

"The example set by the two adults is a shame by any standards," Skelton said. "But we also believe the young hunters have responsibilities for their actions."


Brian T

Cuff 'em and stuff 'em all. One of those turkeys was supposed to be mine this spring.

I'm in school right now




Yet again the idoits who make the rest of us look bad. We should call these kind of people somethin' other then hunters so we are not grouped with them. I know Fidoits. (F**kn' idiots)


Blue Ox

Fidiots!! LOL!


The fact that they were able to get 12 birds is slightly surprising. Its unfortunate these highly skilled hunters couldn't pass anything on to their youth other than taking more game than allowed.

White Pine

You might be on to something. If we assosiated those people (fidiots) with some other group and not hunters then that group would get the bad reps and the good hunters would build up a good name for us hunters. Get what I'm saying? Don't consider or call the bad "hunters" hunters, then only the respectable hunters would be left and we wouldn't get a bad reputation anymore. But it's easier to say then do.


Mc. Squizzy

everyone asociates these guys with us. No wonder we have a bad rep.

White Pine

White Pine,
The idea sounds great but it will never pull through.

If you get around to it stop over for a drink I have campfires every night as you know. And if you're not busy I ordered 1000 pine trees to plant in my lower 50 acres (i'm leaving the rest alone) and could use a hand planting and clearing out the brush. It's ironic I'm cutting trees down to plant more!!

So if you're not busy stop over and we'll talk.



sorry the poster of that comment above wasn't White Pine but MPN, I seem to do that a lot.



Wow you must live a pretty eventful life to have to conversations with yourself with under 2 different names on this blog. Maybe if you weren't so arnry you could have real friends




if you're saying that because I put White Pine as my name the first time it's not because I'm talking to myself. I did it with john R under the topic of a family sueing the park for the bear attack, I do it frequently. It must be hard to be perfect.



Why? can't you just leave us alone and take your high school attitude out of here. Now I don't want to ruin this blog, but no one wants to hear you complain cause you didn't get your way in the other blog. People make mistakes and I don't think MPN is talking to himself. Please only write if what you say means something, we don't want this to turn into a crappy website.


Blue Ox

Maybe if you knew how to spell you wouldn't have to needle others for simple mistakes.
Nobody is perfect.


My heart kinda goes out to the minors that were involved. Many of us were lucky enough to have a father or grandpa that took us hunting and fishing. Some of us had to learn on our own as adults. I've been around long enough now to know that you can, in fact, be taught wrong. I think this is what happened to these kids. True, they had to buy hunting licenses and probably read the rules, but boy, if your father teaches you that something is okay, you want to believe it because he's your dad!
I'm just glad I never saw this problem from my dad, and neither did my son.

John R

Good point Yoop. I feel especially bad for the 9 year old. I would guess that he might not have had a clue that what they were doing was wrong; I mean I can't believe that their dad had said "Hey let's go out and poach some turkeys tonight!"
The boys should face some responsibility for their participation like community service assisting the Wildlife Resource Agency on some of their projects. It could be a constructive punishment and possibly show them an alternative way of viewing our wildlife resources.


Great point. You never want to believe someone you love is doing something wrong and teaching it to you. It's a shame that the minors were put into this senario, they probably didn't know it was gonna happen.

don m

i agree with ya yoop, as for tj, go to your room young man.?


those guys are Di*ks. and i dont beleive the kids should get punished that badly though because they probably would have been beatin if they didnt do it

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