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April 23, 2008

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Oregon Serial Poacher Is A Vegetarian

Here’s a weird one from the Salem News:

Investigators believe [Richard A.] Livermore[, 60,], who admits he is primarily a vegetarian, would usually drive around in the darkness shining his spotlight, and when he saw eyes he would just shoot at them and then drive on looking for more.


Mike Diehl

Maybe he was just implementing PETA's animal shelter program.

NH Philosopher

Mike Diehl - you just made me spill my coffe I laughed so loud.


Mr. Livermore's pathologies -- wanton bloodletting; senseless killing... -- are the antihunter's erronious preceptions of all hunters! Kind of discouraging to be unjustly put into a catagory with an idiot like that.

Three cheers to everyone who keeps trying to get the truth about hunters & hunting into mainstream media!

As an example, check out Walt Harrington's book, The Never Ending Stream. A little long and plodding at times but a few of his points are so poignant that they are worth the price of the book!


Yea i totally agree. Carney, i actually just got the book. Its called the Everlasting Stream. I haven't started reading it yet, but it seems like a great book, that would have some of those good points in it.

It's so true that its BS that we get put into a category like this. If people took a sec, they'd realize that hunters (the real, ethical, and only kind in my book) completely HATE poachers. They stand for breaking the rules, unethical bloodshed, unfair tactics (like spotlighting like this toolbag used) and waste.

People don't realize that we hate these guys. They are not us. We are different. I have said it before in another post, but what makes us practice Fair Chase and hunt in a respectful manner is that we appreciate and respect the animals we hunt and kill, and hence treat them accordingly.

What this guy has done here is the opposite of that. I hope he gets put away for a while, and/or charged a HUGE fine that will be put towards habitat protection/expansion and F&W budgets.



That's right, I got the title wrong.

One quote and one favotite part:

Walt challenges his squirming dinner guest who has said, "I can't believe you killed one of those furry little bunnies!" by replying = "I can't believe you ate one of those furry little bunnies without killing it!"

My favorite part: There is a chapter towards the end devoted to how in his mid-life time he really began to recognize how great his father was as compared to the DC Beltway crowd that he had pursued and emulated. The chapter is worth its weight in gold for people who know the importance of hard work, honesty and perseverance.


He was just eliminating the competition in his food chain


I really have to wonder what is wrong with a guy to want to kill so indiscrimintly. I would really wonder if he was in some sort of serial killer training mode?


Diehl with the win on these comments


If you look at the rifle he was using [a sawed-off .22 with a homemade silencer] it's apparent this guy is no hunter at all. I wouldn't be surprised if he was wasn't caught if he shot a human someday either accidentally or intentionally. They should have charged him for "hunting" with an under powered rifle as well. Throw the book at him and make sure he can't fire another shot again.



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