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April 15, 2008

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On Video: Chicago’s Wild Side

First, foul-tempered foul, from the Chicago Tribune:

At P.M. Bedroom Gallery. . . two Canada geese have made a home.

 The female spends most of her days atop a pile of six or seven eggs. . . . But the male gets ornery, bordering on hostile, when he believes his progeny, which are due to hatch in early May, are threatened. With surprising speed and power, he has gone after numerous customers since the last weekend of March, drawing blood from about five.

And, cougar killed on North Side, also from the Tribune:

A cougar ran loose in Chicago on Monday for the first time since the city's founding in the 19th Century. But by day's end, the animal lay dead in a back alley on the North Side, shot by police who said they feared it was turning to attack.



Damn geese have no respect. There are two that stay in my pond all summer and they're the meanest things always hissin' at me and such. But what they don't know is I just got my waterfowl duck stamp. He he he


Sexy Man

Hey We got Geese here at my Work that they had to call Animal Control to move the nests because the Male Trapped one women in her car because she parked to close and didnt see the nest it was the funniest thing you would ever see this lady Opened her door and it was like something out of when Animals attack he came at her wings flapped and honking she screamed and jumped back into her car until someone chased him away so she could Get out it was priceless i wish i had a video camera i would have won 100,000 on Funniest home videos i swear...
On the cougar, the video is crazy its funny how the cougar ran right behind the cop almost playing Cat and Mouse( no Pun intended!!!). I love how they Have to Say they "feared it was Going to Attack" because otherwise they would have PETA all over them Screw that i would have Shot it if it rolled over for me to pet its Stomach. Cops don't carry darts they Carry Bullets...

The Sexiest Man Alive

Blue Ox

Yea, ten shots to kill a cougar...sounds about right for them Chi-town cops. Most of them couldn't find their butt if they had a bell on it. Was the AC unit trying to attack, 'cause they shot that too. Animal control could have been called to tranquilize the cat, but cops in chi-town don't think that far ahead. Hell the cops could've tazed the animal but they just wanted their kill. I understand that being a police officer is a damn tough job, and I give major kudos for it, but the outcome didn't have to be like this.

Blue Ox

Once again:
Now you see it, now you don't.

Walt Smith

The cougar was the one infiltrating species they COULD SHOOT and not go before a grand jury to explain why-- makes perfect sense to me.

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