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April 22, 2008

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News Quiz

How effective is pepper spray at deterring aggressive bears?

a) 78 percent
b) 82 percent
c) 98 percent
d) 100 percent

Here’s the answer, from the Anchorage Daily News.


NH Philosopher

Interesting....next time I wander off into the bush around Chugach, Kenai and Seward, I'll stash my .44 at home and carry some pepper spray...Feeling confident that my trusty, peppery protection works.

I wouldn't bet my life on an article/study published by these two who clearly have an environmental agenda. MY .44 will stay at my side and my pepper will stay on my steak.


I'm all for using pepper spray, but I don't care much for the anti-gun portion of the article. This should not an either-or decision, but rather a both-and.

Blue Ox

Okay, so bear spray supposedly works 98% of the time....
Fair enough.
But what about the other 2%?
I'd rather carry both spray & my .454, thus bringing the 'not getting eaten' factor up to 110%, which is where it belongs.
But that's just me.


im curious, does the spray affect the bears in the same way people?


Never, ever, bring a knife to a gunfight! One can of the stuff, one time use only so you really need to carry multiple cans...
I might bring a can or two but bet my M29 .44 Magnum will be riding my hip in bear country.

I didn't see the article so much as anti-gun but rather in a panic or stressful situation accuracy goes down the tube for some people. A brown bear is not an easy animal to kill. One needs experience in where to shoot it and a cool head for accuracy. I think that is the point they were trying to make. Of course the scientists don't want any bears killed that's a given however I think that the point was pepper spray is more effective for the average person, or someone without sufficient experience using firearms. Just trying to be objective here. Personally I would want both.


I couldn't care less what a person brings into the woods.


Let them tote their "Bear Spray"!

I'll tote something a bit more substantial. Something along the lines of 12 gauge with multiple loads of 3" No. 1 buck!

I might not be correct, but...


Blue Ox

You might not be correct, but at least you'll be alive, Bubba.

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