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April 18, 2008

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New Jersey Anti-Hunter Charged With Feeding The Bears

From The Star-Ledger:

A former member of Bear Education and Resource, an anti-hunting organization that blames people and their unsecured garbage for New Jersey's bruin troubles, was charged today with deliberately feeding the animals.

Susan Kehoe, 57, was videotaped providing bags of sunflower seeds to bears in the backyard of her Vernon Township home, the state Department of Environmental Protection said. Charging her with creating a public nuisance, a disorderly persons offense, the DEP contends conservation officers watched her repeatedly feed bears since March 28 in the Lake Wanda area.

"I'd like to see the pictures," Kehoe said. "I don't feed bears. They are just targeting bear activists."


I'm in school right now

Smells like someone is retarded.



Ha Ha Ha

NH Philosopher

Susan Kehoe, 57, is the worst of the worst enemy. Blind by the rhetoric of the anti-hunting crowd and deaf to the laws of common sense and her own organization - the bear huggers.

Indviduals such as Susan are the most dangerous "follower". Shame on her and her bear activists...

Why would they "target" bear activists in NJ? They have some real crime up in the Garden State - her sense of self-importance is ridiculous and disgusting.

NOW hunters have to plug her bears...Where do I sign up?


You don't. NJ isn't going to have another bear hunt until they have the inevitable tragedy of a child being mauled to death. Even then the Susan Kehoe's of the world will oppose it.
I used to love going to parts of the Delaware Water Gap recreation area in NJ, now I would be very concerned for my own safety let alone that of my kids and grandkids, there are lots of bears there including mommas with cubs.

NH Philosopher

Thanks SilverArrow. I knew the hunt was off in NJ last season - but they can't go another year w/o the hunt? Can then?!!! Particularly when the anti's are creating nuissance bears. I volunteer to plug the bruins that the anti's turn into aggressive, nuissance bears. OK - so don't sign me up - but put me on the waiting list.


Well, as a New Jersian, our DEP is headed up by someone that is directly appointed by the governor. Our governor (such a tool) Jon Corzine, is a known anti, and hence has effectively put in power someone that he can get to stop the bear hunt while he is in.
They won't have another hunt until he's out of office, and I sadly don't even think someone getting mauled will help. Its down to Corzine and his cronies, and no matter how much evidence there is to have the hunt (increasing populations, increasing disturbance calls, stats that show a SERIOUS decrease in disturbances after the last hunt) he still won't have it.

Yea, just like Silver Arrow said about the Water Gap, its a national park and a great place to have bear hunts. There is a large population of bears there, and it could be a large revenue maker for Corzine's tax and spend liberal gov't.
but no, so we won't be seeing the likes of a bear hunt for a bit


Oh and P.S.

That lady is just like soooo many others we have here in NJ. In such a densely populated and urban state, there are just way too many people that don't understand hunting: its traditions, its role in Wildlife Management, its role in revenue making for the government.

its funny, the land that the bear she was caught feeding is very largely funded by hunters (our taxes, our excise taxes on our gear, our tags, our liscenses, the taxes the gov't makes off the companies that sell the gear that we buy...) the list goes on, but she fails to see how we are the ones providing the bears the habitats, not her and her friends


Let her keep feeding them. Experience says she will eventually end up as bear poo.

John R

You know this sort of thing is becoming so commonplace I am at a loss for words. They (bear huggers and whatever huggers) are all hypocrits.

r napolitano

Maybe if we got lucky insted of providing a dinner for our bruin friends, she might become dinner. No common sense among these people, they still thinnk of them as the huggy bears of their childhood unitl one of them acts like a bear, instead of a stuffed bear, wait if they ate her would they be stuffed????

Mc. Squizzy

i agree John R. I'm not against helping the enviroment that all that, I just believe that people sometimes go overboard.


people like susan k. are the ones that need to be "targeted" for being retarded

Trae B.

Susan Kehoe: Come here Mr. Bear I love you, have some sunflower seeds.

Bear: Mmmmmm Human ROAR!!

Susan Kehoe: AHhhhhhhh!!!!!

Bear: Gulp.


One of the sad things here is that Susan Kehoe, when she does get mauled, will not win a Darwin award because she has already passed her vegan treehugger DNA to another generation. Perhaps her progeny would like to accompany her on sunflower seed fueled walks through the Wanague River WMA or the Norvin Green State Forest. Wonderful places both, both now over run with black bears. Both paid for largely with hunting and fishing license fees and the exise taxes on our outdoors equipment. Maybe there ought to be such taxes levied on Granola and Sunflower seeds, might pay for the rescue of iladvised bear huggers!


A fed bear is a dead bear.




f''cking idiot


I did a report on this. I think we sould compromise. Little education (though I dont know how this helps) and a little hunting. But the anti wont agree. Why is the correct party the only ones willing to comprimise.


Compromise, Hell son never compromise your beliefs or values! Absolutely respect the beliefs, values and opinions of others as their right. Absolutely be willing to listen (to a point) to those with whom we disagree. Then be ready and able to present your own elequently, objectively and yet PASSIONATELY!

Practice something called 'An elevator speech' that is a quick, positive message you can get out in about the time it takes an elevator to climb or descend five floors. Most people don't pay attention to drawn out diatribes but a couple or three points well made get attention.
Recognize the right of the other person to believe what they do but just as quickly point out a positive reason why you have your beliefs; "Ma'am, I certainly agree that wild animals should be treated well! One thing I can tell you is that once there is overpopulation of any species in an ecosystem the health of that species declines, hunting can help maintain a healthy balance of bear population!" Something to that effect, not attacking the woman, not denying her right to her beliefs but giving one point in our favor. Have a few more ready to go, things like the higher the population the more are getting hit by cars and trucks on the roads, that is a terrible and terrifying way for the animals to die, the higher the population the more likely there are to be serious conflicts with people. In other words true, objective points which support your belief that hunting is humane and valuable.


libreal scum



Former Lake Wanda Resident

I used to live in Lake Wanda, further south of Ms. Kehoe's residence, and on a DAILY basis, not occassional, but DAILY, my yard was visited by numerous bears. Only one was ever aggressive, but my family, my children, knew they were wild animals, to let them be. They knew how dangerous they were and never, not once, considered feeding them. Susan Kehoe needs some help before she or her neighbor, or a child ends up mauled by a bear!

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