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April 23, 2008

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Hollywood Grizzly Kills Handler

From San Bernardino’s The Sun:

Stephan Miller, 39, was killed . . . Tuesday by a grizzly bear he was handling at a facility that trains animals to appear in movies and on television. . . .

Rocky, the bear that fatally attacked [him], appears in the recent Will Ferrell comedy "Semi-Pro."



Just goes to show that wild animals are always going to be just that, wild animals.

In an interview Mr. Miller said "If one of these animals gets a hold of your throat, you're finished".

I guess he found out the hard way.


NH Philosopher

Tragic...I feel for the family.

but I aslo agree 100% with JStreet...

Jammin Jack

Dude just like horton said " a wild animal is a wild anilal no matter how tame".

Blue Ox

You can take the animal out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the animal.
No matter how much 'training' a wild animal receives, there are always going to be parts of him that are still controlled by Mother Nature.


Miller probably told the Griz it was up for a role in a Michael Moore fillm next. That would have pissed me off enough to maul him!

I feel bad for the trainer's family. I hope they don't euthanize the bear. It was just being a bear. Please do not infer from my statement that I am a rabid bunny hugger. I am simply saying the bear is a wild animal and working with any wild animal is an assigned risk.


I also feel badly for the trainer's family. Didn't intend to sound so mean last night.

Black Rifle Addict

My prayers go out to the family...but what drives a person to try and "train" an animal like a Grizzly bear? I mean, this animal has been trained to trust humans, so it probably lacks proper relationship skills with other bears? Could it survive in a zoo setting? I don't think it could be released in the wild either? Does anyone know if this trainer raised the bear from a cub?


Yeh, feel bad for this guy's family. There have been some really great movies over the years that portray the outdoors in a realistic way and give people an opportunity to appreciate nature.

Mc. Squizzy

I heard that the bear bit him on the neck once and that was it... the trainer was gone!

Blue Ox

Yea, that tends to happen when a 700lb bear bites ya.


My heart and prayers go out to Mr. Miller's friends and family. However, I think this could be an accident. That bear was trained to act ferocious. He is an actor, and might have thought he was playing a role. As long as we continue to interact with both wild and "tame" animals these incidents will occur.


From what I have read they did raise it since it was a cub. Specfically the bear was trained to wrestle with people.

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