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April 07, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Do Pink Guns Look Like Toys?

Some police officers and county officials in New York State think so, and want them banned as a result. From Newsday:

Owning or selling brightly colored guns may soon be illegal in Nassau County under a proposed ban because the painted weapons could pass as toys, police and county officials said yesterday.

Suffolk County officials are considering a similar ban. . . .

"Police officers have a hard enough job as it is without having to worry about whether a person with a pink gun is carrying a toy or a deadly weapon," said [New York City Mayor Michael] Bloomberg in a statement. . .

Referring to Bloomberg and his anti-gun stance, [gun-shop owner Steven] Lauer said, "He's on a mission to destroy anybody that's fairly visible in the firearms industry. And we're extremely visible."

What do you think?



Ive seen these at some Big out fitters, they were 22 youth riffles and yes they looked like a toy... However they also had hot pink hand guns that would be very hard to mistake


I have a question about accu chokes. I own a mossberg and have been trying to figure out which one(s) to use for different types of hunting. On the mossberg website, the chokes serial # is 95195 which is the modified choke.
If anyone could help me, any info. is helpful. Thanks.


I think a pink shot gun would be perfect for Democrats to use when they make their campaign adds. The adds they always seem show in Western PA where they pretend to be sportsman. Remember when Bill Clinton and John Kerry went duck hunting with guns they later voted to ban. No worry about that- a hot pink 410- would look great on Hillary. I don't want to say anything about Obama because someone will call it racist- plus he shot a 37 bowling so I wouldn't want him hunting.

John R

What else should one expect from anti-gun NY (Long Island).
The irony in the whole matter is is is difficult bordering on impossible to obtain a permit to have a handgun in Nassau or Suffolk County the first place. You have to literally know somebody to get a permit application through. I had already seen the news about this.
I truly feel sympathy for the oppressed gun owners in New York. I know it is not as bad upstate, but unfortunately NYC and Long Island have quite a bit of pull for the whole state not to mention Chuck Shumer.

John R

Oops, is is is should be The irony in the whole matter is that it is difficult.


Ok folks I know I will be lambasted for this BUT...

Aside from looking hideous yes the pink guns could be mistaken for toys and therefore vice versa. Seems that anything that looks like a gun in someone's hands can get them perforated in NYC; just ask Amadou Dialo!

I don't like the idea of banning any gun, period! On the other hand since all toy guns have to be made with bright colors distinguishing them from the real thing producing real guns with toylike appearance might really endanger people.


I remember a few years back that Daisy made a 22 rimfire. The consensus around our camp was that it looked too much like a toy gun and that could be dangerous. I saw the "pinkies" at a big store in Green Bay. I thought they should be outlawed on just being ugly.


I'll share some of the heat with you, Silver Arrow. I agree. They do look like toys, and therefore toys now look more like real guns--and that can get not just innocent people, but innocent kids killed.
I, too, am loath to be on Bloomberg's side of any argument, but the fact is that this is not a ban on guns; it's a ban on certain colors. I can live with that if it there's a chance is will make it easer for cops to do their jobs and make it easier for kids to play safely with toy guns.


The Pink Guns are made to support women trying to getting into outdoor sports. That is great. I am glad they have them and want to buy one for my daughter.

The other day on the news I saw a wisonsin handgun maker making 1911 in all shades including lime green, Pink and blue. (They had Bloomburgs Picture on them which was great.) it was a matte finish and it looked just like a toy. No question about it.

I don't want to see a ban because I think they pink rifles are pretty cool for girls and more welcoming to them for sporting uses. But these other guns are going to get someone innocent killed and it will be a kid who never touched their product. I guess what I am trying to say is don't ban anything, but use some common sense when making there things.

I'm in school right now

What's wrong with camo-colored guns?



That's why I love livin' in South western NY, these problems aren't nearly as bad. The closest Gander Mountain (Gander Mt maybe be only in NY?) sells pink colored guns but the store manager told me they hardly ever sell um. Plus it's not that hard to get a gun permit where I live. So please don't think that the whole state is this way. The only problem with NY is the outrages taxes and CHUCK SHUMER!

To get to the real point I would like to know who even thought of that color for a gun. It really wouldn't make a difference to me if they were banned or not. But why would you even want a colored gun? We would look like a bunch of pansies running through the woods with a hot pink gun. Oh I could see it now a bunch of guys lined up in a field pheasent hunt'n all with pink guns.


John R

Present company accepted! The reason I am so acerbic about NY (especially Long Island) is due to the fact that I was born there and spent the first 17 years of my life there. I remember when I went home on leave while a Marine, and had two pistols, a Ruger Blackhawk 44 Mag., and a Hawes Western Marshall in .357 Mag. Both were six shot, single action pistols. I went to the Xth Precinct in Suffolk County to try to get a pistol permit and was basically told fugedaboudit! That was when I left NY. The sad thing is I enjoyed many pleasant memories growing up there hunting because eastern LI was still pretty much undeveloped and there were quite a few hunter co-op areas. I met a lot of good hunters and people that love to shoot. Unfortunately, the attitude about handguns and the fact you couldn't use a rifle (although you could possess one) eventually led me to seek greener pastures. It is sad for me to think of them living under the restrictions that they endure.
Upstate NY is really nice. I never missed an opening day of trout season up until the time I moved away. There is some nice deer up there too. I suppose what I'm getting at is it's not so much the state, as it is the stupid laws and mindset against firearms in the legislature. I would never intentionally offend anyone from NY.


John R,
I wasn't offended and don't worry I knew you wouldn't try to offend someone. I was not aware that it was so much different in other parts of the state. Shows how much I know of my home state. And if I didn't have this land I got right now I would most likely move out of NY myself, but I've lived on this plot of land my whole life and have no mortgage to pay so I'm not gonna leave. Plus I don't have to many years left in me anyways. And you're right they do have stupid laws!


John R

Many people do not realize what a nice place NY is. I have taken friends there from the south and they were amazed. I think they expected the whole state to look like NYC.
It sounds like you are living in a nice area. I do miss the mountains.


John R,
I love my area. Nothing but woods and farm land. I'm near the P.A boarder about 30 min from letchworth State park. There is a ton of state land too. Hunt'n places aren't hard to find.


don m

way to go nate

John R

I don't think camo finished weapons are an issue. Camo finishes such as Desert Tan, OD Green, have been on some handguns for a while now.
The issue is the new brightly colored handgun. There has been a few color finished rifles available for a while also and I haven't read any negative feedback on them. The problem is toy makers were forced to produce toy guns in bright colors so a child playing with one wouldn't be mistaken for a child with a real handgun. Some handgun manufacturers are now producing handguns that are finished in bright colors that look like toy handguns.
Personally I am a "cold dead hands" type of guy, but in this case I just can't see the purpose for deliberately antagonizing the anti-gunners. It may very well come back to bite us on the butt!

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