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April 30, 2008

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Discussion Topic: On Record-Book Roadkill

In yesterday’s Pioneer Press, Minnesota reporter Kevin Harter asks, “If a car hits it, is it still a trophy?” Well, it is according Richard Sanders, co-creator of The Roadkill Record Book Club, with whom you can now register for posterity any trophy deer, bear, cougar, elk or other critter you may happen to flatten with your vehicle.

"It is not their fault they were hit by a car or truck. They shouldn't go unnoticed. They shouldn't disappear into thin air because there is no place to register them," Sanders told Harter.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources big-game program coordinator Lou Cornicelli doesn’t totally agree. "I don't see it serving a purpose, but if he wants to have a Web site for animals smacked by Buicks, more power to him."

What do you think? You may never shoot a record-book deer, but you might run one over with your truck. Would you register it with the new club?


I just drove by what must have been a 500 pound boar...head, in the road the other day. It might be hard to verify my estimate(or anybody elses) seeing that the other half was missing. I like the idea, though. I'll be sending pics of my record hits.

I'm in school right now

I think it is a very smart idea, but there will be people abusing it. People will purposly drive around looking for trophy animals that they can hit and submit.


who would hit an animal on purpose? the damage is expensive to fix, although if you dont care i guess you would do it. I wont be mounting any crosshairs on my truck any time soon!


Hunting with a vehicle was a national pastime in East Texas. That is why picking up any road kill animal is Illegal in Texas. This is not a good practice.


This is not a good idea as it will encourage people to hit deer with their vehicles. Unless the deer can only be entered as a record anonamously with just the location it was hit.
Remmy, lots of people hit animals on the road purposely. Trust me (not from experience but I know of people that hit them) a deer is going to have no effect on a 3/4 ton or better pickup with helfty grill guard on the front.


It's not hunting if you are using a vehicle, and it's not a national pastime (it would be done nationally if it were). It may be a local activity, and it may be pursued with ferver by some, but it's a localized phenomenon.
If Mr. Sanders wishes to make his book, that's his choice. Sensible individuals are not going to consider eligibility for his book any real accomplishment, only an unfortunate or bad outcome for all directly involved.

Mike Diehl

Seriously. How many people actually TRY to hit large animals with their vehicles? If they succeed and win a Darwin Award as a consequence, who could complain?

A road kill record book web site? Tacky exercise of free speech. Nothing new here.


Ya it happened in the U.P. when I was coming up. We were to drunk at the time to know better. 8^)

I think the practice is bad to hit intentially, but I think the websight is ok and a bit funny.

Sexy Man

hey People my Father was Famous For this if He didnt get anything by the Last day of Rifle he would Always say to me," that's alright CHEVY season just opened i'll get one Sooner or Later"... I say more power to him awesome idea for a web site...

The Sexiest Man Alive


hell yhea it counts i dont care if its my cevy or my bow, thay taste the same dont thay

Walt Smith

As long as it doesn't open the doorway for those animals killed in high fence zoo's. Then I would firmly disagree!



I have hit more than one deer. The first caused major body damage to a 1973 Olds Cutlass. (solid hit!) The second, only minor damage to the bumper of a 1977 Ford F-150. (glancing blow!) The third was a really nice 7 point buck and only left one small dent (you could tell it was where the antlers hit the chrome!) in the hood trim of a 1980 Chevy Bonanza, 3/4 ton 4WD. (full body blow!) None of these incidents were intentional. Speed, light and deer reaction were responsible for each and every one!
The buck, I actually hit in Tarrant County, on Hwy 1886 just west of Fort Worth!
He's right about one thing, if it's a real trophy, why should it be relegated to anonimity just because it wasn't shot? It's still dead!
A good, stout grill guard will protect, for the most part, a pick up. What about a car? Even then, I know a guy that hit a feral hog in his 3/4 Dodge diesel. Broke the clutch piston mount off the aluminum bell housing. He drove around for 2 weeks, floating gears until a buddy could heli-arc it back together for him!


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