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April 21, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Record Catfish Vs. Fish Tacos

What would you rather have? That is, if the giant cat you just caught was in danger of spoiling before you could verify it as a record, what would you do?

From San Bernardino’s The Sun:

This past weekend, [Rafael] Terrones [of San Bernardino] wrestled a flathead [catfish] that . . . weighed an incredible 73 pounds, . . . [making his] fish a couple of ounces heavier than the listed California state record of 72 pounds, 14 ounces. . . .

[He] thought it might be a record fish, but [was] less concerned about a record than making sure the fish didn't spoil. So Terrones cut up the big flathead for fish tacos.

Would you do the same?


Killing something and not eating it is a sin! Wasteful SIN.

Brian T

Please pass the lemon.


hell yea i would do the same exact thing, the hell with a record if there's a chance that the fish will be wasted on some stupid paper saying this or that, i would rather enjoy my catch with a nice beer than read about it somewhere


he's a true sportsman


I don't hunt or fish for records.

They taste like paper, even if you wrap them properly in glass and metal frames... and if you cook them too long they just kinda disintegrate.


I agree, this guy is what its all about


Hunt to eat. Nice job dude, though I would take halibut fish tacos over catfish in a second. Still, bravo.


Not sure i would want to be eating a 74 pound cat...no matter HOW it was prepared (YUCK). I prefer them 5-10 lb cats for eating.

Far as records...havent found a marinade yet to make 'em pallatable.

The ultimate quandry...either way, it aint worth eating.


I agree with Mike in that I'd rather have a smaller fish to make my meal from but this guy did the right thing by making sure the fish did not spoil!


Do they not sale ICE in California?


Great blog!


It's illegal to use goldfish for bait in California, so he wouldn't qualify for the record anyways

Brian T

California? Probably used a double/double latte' with tofu.


I commend him as a true sportman!

Way to go.


don m

im with seawolf on this one but i would need some salt,pepper and lemon.



i'm with Texas. Aint this dude ever heard of a cooler fulla ice?

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