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April 16, 2008

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California Cancels Coastal Salmon Season

From The Sacramento Bee:

In a decision they called "tragic" and "painful," state wildlife officials Tuesday reluctantly banned fishing for salmon in California coastal waters this year.

The unanimous decision by the California Fish and Game Commission closes both commercial and recreational fishing in state coastal waters, which extend out three miles from shore. . . .

"That's one of the most painful votes I think we've ever taken," [Commission Chairman Richard] Rogers said. "I'm very sorry we had to do that."

In Oregon, the Pacific Fishery Management Council decided to allow limited recreational fishing of coho salmon off the coast on holiday weekends, but all commercial fishing has been cancelled there, too.

California Cancels Coastal Salmon Season


Mc. Squizzy

What a shame. Hopefully it'll re-open soon.


Hopefully I am wrong, but wouldn't it take years to replace the stocks of Salmon?

Does anyone know what caused this to happen?


We're the most powerful species on this planet. We will see species decline, closure of seasons and disapearance of many more species until we are one of the the lone species and have nothing left. It's too bad that the Pacific Salmon populations have decreased to only a fraction of what they used to be. Civilizations that depended on the once strong Pacific Salmon populations have had to change their way of life because the stupid decision to overfish them. I hope we as a species can start to make more educated decisions until it's too late for our own species.


Although I'm sad to see that humans have let Salmon in CA deplete to this point I think it is good that this is an across the board ban recreationally and commercially. I would have been pretty upset if they let commercial fisherman fish but not allow recreational fishing of Salmon. Let's just hope it works.


I beleive that I had heard on the radio that there was a belief that new construction on some such river disrupted the fish from spawning causing this crisis. I don't know if this was the story they were talking about or not. But my understanding is that the sudden collaspe of the salmon was quite unexpected.

Once again if anyone knows anything I am intersted. I don't know if what i know is any good or not.


I'm sure the collapse wasn't unexpected. Humans have been taking too much, daming up water ways, polluting and urbanizing throughout our history. Looks like too little, too late. Hopefully Pacific Salmon populations can rebound to a little compared to what they once were, but it doesn't look like there is much hope with the human population getting larger and larger. Our species is too overpowering. Hopefully we will learn from our actions one of these days.


This collapse wasn't unexpected, fishery groups have been fighting a
uphill battle to save the salmon as well as other sport fish such as striper, shad, steelhead, ect. for years. This collapse is due to the fact that billions of gallons of water are pumped from the CA delta to send down south(damm southerners!!!) causing the water to become to warm for spawning, to much silt, ect...

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