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March 04, 2008

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Video: Robotic "Hunting" Trophies

This is a two-for-one deal.

You can comment on the robots themselves, which might actually make a good gag gift for the guy in camp who never manages to bag a real trophy.

Or you can blast Gear Live poster Sheila Franklin, who preaches “For the hunters in your life that still don’t get it that it is not okay to kill animals for sport or clothing, this prototype collection by designer/robotics teacher French Cadet is the gift for them.”

Or both.



WTF is that all about?


If it put one red cent into an anti-hunters pocket, it will rot on the shelf before I buy it!



I placed a comment on this blog about the commentary made with the robotic animals and received this response, "It was actually a joke. We could care less if people hunt. Note the
sarcasm, being that this is a toy? It obviously wont scare hunters
into not hunting..."

So there you have it, unfunny joke.


Stupid product made by stupid people.


Cabelas sell something alot better then that. Its a realistic buck mount that sings and enev has a walkie-talkie microphone you can use to speak as the buck.A
6 pionter too.


I bought my grandson one of those deer. The whole family had a blast with it. He also has one of those signing bass.


NH Philosopher

Possibly the stupidest gadget/concept I have yet to see. Billy Bass is next in line - next to pet rocks and painted hermit crabs. Cha, Cha, Cha Chia Pet is cold-fusion when compared to these idiotic products.

"...Stupid people..." AMEN!

don m.



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