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March 11, 2008

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Video Report: Rabid Cougar Attacks 10-Year-Old Boy

From The Arizona Republic:

An El Mirage boy celebrating his 10th birthday with his family at an Arizona national forest was attacked by a rabid mountain lion Saturday afternoon.

The boy's uncle shot the animal in time for the boy to escape with only minor scratches on his back.



If this isn't the strongest argument for handguns, I give up.

Blue Ox

Yikes. Hope he's ok. Kudos to his uncle for quick thinking.

I'm in school right now

I agree completely. What if the uncle was not there?!?



I totally agree with Yooper. Everyone always talks about the deaths that occur from handguns. But the amount of lives they actually save is an almost infinite and impossible to calculate number. This would go into that category of lives saved by handguns

Sexy Man

I wnt to know wht kind of hand gun he was Carring but definitly quick thinking.. Brave kid to

Mc. Squizzy

people should think about the tool that saved this boy

Trae B.

I'm suprised that PETA hasent tried to have the uncle thrown in jail for killing a "poor inacent animal that was just playing".

Sorry just felt like bashing PETA today.

Trae B.

oh yeah...GO HAND GUNS!!!


There isa blog section at the bottom of the article. Some of the posts are legit, but thereare a lot of idiots out there!

John R

You got that right YooperJack!

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