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March 24, 2008

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PETA Worker Walks On Theft Charges

Spotting a hunting dog ambling along a Virginia county road, Ondrea Harris , 26, pulled over her PETA van, removed the dog’s tracking collar, left it at the side of the road, and took the dog. Now she’s walking free.

From The Virginian-Pilot:

A judge on Thursday dismissed a misdemeanor charge against a worker for Norfolk-based People for the
Ethical Treatment of Animals who had been accused of stealing a hunting dog’s tracking collar.

The circuit judge overseeing the case . . . called her a “meddlesome do-gooder. . . .”

But apparently, that’s all he did.


Mike Diehl

I wonder if he'd have the same reaction if someone swipes the wheels from her van?


That judge should be chained to a flag pole and be beaten with his gavel until he collapses


all I know is if we still had the court system that the founders gave us where people stood before thier peers who decided whether or not you broke the law instead of the lawyer in a robe deciding it based on his/her "interpretation" of the law, this lady would have been hit with something, but we don't live in that world so I guess if someone wants to steal my dog then I guess they have the right to do so as long as a meddling do-gooder commits the crime. John Addams would be ashamed.

Walt Smith

Just because they are a judge does not mean they are right.Judges need to be replaced on a regular basis as most are career positions that open the position to corruptness and greed.


Steve you are a wise man.


White Pine

Is the judge showing favoritism to the P.E.T.A or what? The judge probably never hunted in his/her life and feels it's cruel. Or maybe the judge just doesn't like dogs. If it really matters, I wonder if the judge was a woman or not?


If you guys get the chance click to get the full story and read the comment by joanie06. that comment is the most disturbin' thing I've ever read. To think that we hunters hate or dogs is disgustin'. I think I'm gonna register on that site and leave her a few choice words. Any one care to join me?



Sorry "or" was meant to be "our"


What a coincidence they wont let me join. Maybe they knew my comment wasn't gonna be pretty. If any one else tries to register and is excepted send my regards to joanie06.



personally i think everone from PETA can bite me. i was out hunting 2 yrs ago and as i was walking down the field edge to my stand on my family's farm these retards in a PETA van yelled out "YOU SUCK". unfortunately when i motioned them over they drove off like little girls

Blue Ox

Bottom line:
Do gooder or not, she took something that did not belong to her. That's called stealing, and in some places they'll cut off your hand for doing that.

John R

What I found most disturbing were the reader comments after the article. There were some positive ones. The rest were tools. MPN I hear ya!


The reader comments were revolting. I think it is safe to say that hunters are discriminated against as a whole group in the U.S. The best that I can say is that we need to keep a stiff upper lip and let negative, ignorant comments roll off our backs. My question is: where is the ethical treatment of animals in depriving an animal of a loving owner?


Before you guys go off on me, please read my entire post!

I agree with the judge that the prosecuter was lax in being able (according to the article only!) to prove much. Unfortunately, I think he (the judge) did the "right" thing in dismissing the charges!

Do I necessarily agree/like what happened? I don't think so! I really think she should have been "nailed to the wall!" along with her PETA buddy!

My point above my last statement? Our judicial system! It doesn't always work to our liking or advantage. The outcome isn't always what we think or want! But it works!


don m.

peta, aka, scum of the earth



Thank you John R!


John R

Bubba you are correct. If the prosecutor was slack then the judge's hands are tied by sentencing guidelines and the rule of law. It would be a slippery slope indeed if we all started messing with the judicial system because we don't agree with the outcome every now and then. I think that the prosecutor should be accountable.


John R.

Didn't think of this angle, but what if the prosecutor was in a position that he HAD to file the charges, BUT, (there's that but[butt!?] again!)being a PETA person himself, confined the facts to only bringing up what was considered ethical under the law which was not enough to "convict" her or her conspirator!
WHO knows, it might have even been the judge who decided to kick her loose!
Doesn't matter now, Double Jeopardy kicks in!



PETAs in the court! Not good! That is injustice at the worst, this mustnt go unevenged!


PETAs in the court! Not good! That is injustice at the worst, this mustnt go unevenged!


Hey PETA does it make you angry when i eat venison? does it make you shake because i eat hot dogs. i dont care what kind of animal it is, if it tastes good ill eat it. this world is out of control. touch my huntin dog PETA, i hope she rip's your face off and reminds you that they can still be wild and crazy underneath the years of breeding and training. see if your still willing to stick up for dogs if your deformed by one.

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