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March 03, 2008

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Minnesota Bill Would Restore Dove Hunting Ban

Here we go again, from the Star Tribune:

It's been four years since mourning dove hunting was reinstated in Minnesota after a nearly 60-year absence.

An estimated 10,000 to 15,000 hunters have dove hunted each fall, a number that state officials believe will grow as hunters learn how to hunt doves.

Now there's an effort to ban it again. . . .

The Department of Natural Resources is expected to testify against the bill.



Not a gamebird but a songbird?

That's a new one on me.

Oh and tell the people who eat dove breast every year and have huge cookouts that no one eats dove.

Just another excuse to kill another hunting season.


Hello out there in Minnesota!!!
Are you awake!?

Somebody out there in Minnesota find a web site where America's hunters can e-mail a lawmaker and the powers that be our discord with an inane decision such as banning "any" hunting season, whether "again" or "first time"!

I wait with itching fingers to state my displeasure with any such ban!!

Come on guys, spread the word!!



Why do they always find some dumb a$$ excuse to take away our hunt'n. We should put a ban on their ability to pass stupid laws.



If we ever disagree on anything, it's the right that we share as American's, the right to pass dumba$$ laws!
What we need to realize as American's and hunter's is the fact that these people have no desire to be in the outdoors, ergo: all their spare time is spent on senatorial or congressional ears/elbows, touting and spouting their anti gun/hunting propaganda. Since the dawn of time, the old saying has been; "The squeaky wheel gets the grease!". That's what they "prey" on.
Most of the hunting/gunning outdoors persons (?) are very involved with what they are doing and spend much more time out "doing" that reading and listening to what the anti's are doing to stay abreast and fight their ignoramus laws!
WE (hunters/gunners, hereafter refered to as H/Gs) outnumber the anti's. WE H/Gs can defeat the anti's at their own game. It's just real hard for some H/Gs to realize you must remail calm. One of the basic anti tactics is to get the H/Gs upset and show their anger! Then, when the anti's get angry, they are merely defending themselves, as they (ahem!) have a "right" to do and see, H/Gs are angry people that just want to "hurt" something so resort to "blood sport"!

H/Gs can, we just need to get together and do it!



I agree with you bubba,

And that's what I meant to say on the other blog. We need to get together and stop these anti-gunnies. Sometimes we fight each other and this causes seperation in the hunters while the anti-gunnies sit waiting to attack. They all agree on one thing. Stop us hunters.

So if you ever need support I'm there and hopefully in the near future we can stop these anties in their tracks. All we need is a more influential group. (The N.R.A in my opinion is losing the battle) Maybe if we could get those anties in the woods they would change their minds.



Through out my years I've realized something, we as hunters hear laws being passed that limit our ability to hunt yet we do nothing to counter it. We usually just complain about it (even I do sometimes). But the problem to me seems to be what can we actually do?

I'd like to hear what you might suggest on this Bubba. If you don't mind commenting back I would appreciate it.




Just remember that old saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease!".
Up until the computer became the hallmark of communication, the only way to address politicians was by telegram, US mail or telephone. Since a telegram cost money, US mail meant sitting down and writing a letter or a telephone call meant long distance charges, the H/G's did nothing because it was time consuming or costly. They saved their time and money for hunting and gunning!
NOW, with a form of communication that is much less costly, the monthly price of internet service. A form of communication that isn't so time consuming! Got a gripe and five minutes!? Sign on, sign in, express feelings, post, sign off!! AND, you don't have to sit and wait while accruing long distance charges!!
Isn't the web wonderful! I think so.
MPN, not long ago, there was an attempt in New Jersey to do away with hunting, period. There is a sportsman association in New Jersey that came on the blog that was addressing the problem in Jersey. That Ass'n provided the bloggers herewith, websites and address's. We, (us bloggers) launched our own "blitzkreig" of the sites supporting hunting. I am not sure if "our" blitz was the turning point, but I can tell you this, IT DAMN SURE DIDN'T HURT!
Just like I stated above. We need somebody from Minnesota to post some web sites or e-mail addresses so we can help Minnesota hunters preserve their hunting heritage.




I like how you think.



Ban the hunting of doves and open up a season on pidgeons. Then everyone can be happy ;-)

John R

A funny note on the Minnesota Star Tribune article. One of the comments on the article was "What's next, Robins or Bluejays?" In my part of the country Robins were also shot and eaten not very long ago. From what I understand it was similar to dove.

Mike Diehl

Well, one thing we could do as a community is to try to pass laws that outlaw birdwatching unless one is carrying a shotgun. ;)

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