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March 26, 2008

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Kansas Rancher Shoots Mountain Lion

According to The Wichita Eagle, state wildlife officials believe this is the first documented wild mountain lion in Kansas in more than 100 years.

Check out the full story.



Population grows population expands.

Blue Ox

Now you see it, Now you don't.

Matt Mallery

"Population grows,population expands". Same goes for humans, that's why there has not been a lion seen in Kansas in 100 years.


Blue Ox,
I like that comment, made me laugh.

Matt Mallery,
Good point. I also like your view on the story "A Call to Arms." The human population is way to high, but there is no way to make it smaller. How many more humans can the world hold? Look at where we are now do to the great demand of resources for the great number of people.



MPN- 1. The world can only hold one human because in every human exists the potential for greed that has no limit.

Matt Mallery

I agree that making the human population smaller, or at least keeping it stable would be tough. There is nothing I could suggest that would be politically correct. How about this? The UN could make itself useful for once and agree to give free vasectomies to any man that wants one in Africa or Asia. I'm not talking about forcing it on anyone, and I'm not talking about castration.Free and voluntary. I would support having my tax money used for that.Also,maybe we could do the same for convicts.Those are not the types we want reproducing anyway.


The problem is there is way more then 1 human. Just think of the amount of greed the world has for every human. That's a large number!



just like there isnt any in PA but i have personaly seen 2 possiably the same one twice, but it doesnt matter. there around, but someone doesnt want you to know about it.

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