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March 21, 2008

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Flying Florida Sting Ray Kills Michigan Woman In Freak Accident

From the Naples Daily News:

Judy Kay Zagorski, of Pigeon, Mich., was sitting in the front seat of a boat going 25 mph when a spotted eagle ray that weighed about 75 pounds and had a wingspan of 5 to 6 feet flew out of the water. The collision . . . likely killed the 57-year-old woman, [as] she did not appear to have any puncture wounds from the ray's barbs. An autopsy will determine an official cause of death. . . .

The stingray. . . also . . . died as a result of the impact. Zagorski's blood and the animal's blood were both found in the boat, officials said.



Boy, when your number is up, it makes no difference what you're doing. She wasn't even in the water!

Blue Ox

You know you're having a bad day when....


The news last night (3/21/08) stated she died of a head injury from hitting the boat, not from impact with the ray!


Blue Ox

So the ray knocked her down, but she actually broke her head on the boat?

cecil j. pepper

I`m a hound hunter and now retired hunted from 1958-2005 yrs and lived in California for many yrs even guided a few bear hunts and was on detramation permitt lion hunts and defently on the map in the central hound hunters group of peer-group . I took your mtn lion test andit was terrably missleading and 1/3 of its answers wrong . I should know cause I spent a lifetime of experiences liveing mtn lion hunting and around other mtn lion hunters of much more note than I ! Jack Doshier,Jack Franks,Boone Shockley,Jimmy Smith, Al Lynn, and on an on . We met and gathered polabbering many times over the yrs an I have been too the Big Game Comission in Sacramento Ca. for the Comission meetings back in the 80`s also. I think I know about lions and if I don`t I never will !?
Ya need too talk too some serious detramation lion hunters and your field researck guide is wrong it flys in the face of ranchers an some stupid held openios held by DFG ! The black Jawg. in the usa is by far the largest ling tail cat, and heavest/ also the Arzn. cougar that it lite tan full faced and body is second largest long tail in the usa and the Ca./Nev. brick red walken tom mtn lion is the 3 ed largest long tailed cat in the usa. Heck ther must be alot of different regional too states and with in states areas of differentspecies an subspecies long tailed cats/ also some turned loose or escaped excotic big game cats loose accrost the usa .
Finally/ allway always allways fight hit kick gouge rock hit with a stick wave your arms and yell at any cat that is comeing for ya or even once has gotten a hold of ya/ fight fight fight your life depends on it.
Children an women and very old folks singled-out solo are on the list of super for any cat that is feeden cubs and or is sick,crippled old or has tasted man . Once they learn man too be a food source they start ambushing and following man to the house an spying on him/ if they hangaround a dwelling within 1oo yds it defently not good/call DFG and PDQ >


Roger Quick

Jak lern to tipe

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