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March 24, 2008

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Feds Bust Butcher For Black-Market Venison

From the Omaha World-Herald:

Attention, deer poachers: Jack McClanahan is out of the black market sausage business.

McClanahan, who federal agents say churned out and sold tons of tainted summer sausage from a filthy garage, was fined $10,000 and sentenced to three years of probation Wednesday in U.S. District Court.

Federal officials said McClanahan's processing operation was widely known among deer poachers, who fed his meat grinder with about 150 deer a year from Nebraska and Iowa.



I see that everyone was quick to jump on the PETA blog, but they seem to slide by this one!
Once again, our judicial system paid off. It's folks like Chandler that give "hunters" a bad name. He isn't/wasn't a hunter. He was/is a "killer"! The one thing I missed in the article was whether he was stripped of his "hunting rights"!? That would be interesting to find out! Were I the judge, I'd have stripped them for life!



Don't know where I came up with Chandler? Guess it's easier to spell!
That should read McClanahan!



I agree with you Bubba. I think the guy should loose all rights for life. Those were deer that our young hunters could have enjoyed seeing and hunting. I say throw the book at him and make sure it hits him square in the forehead.


NOT all the deer or hunters that had thier deer processed by Jack were poached. It was a few deer brought in by some law breakers that brought this all on. I have known the man for nearly 20 years. Yes the shop looked like hell (I stopped having my deer processed there) but maggots in January? Not only that but 10,000 pounds of process? You know how many deer that would take to get that much?


Okay mike,

Maybe all of them weren't poached, if "one" was poached and he knew it, it's "his" fanny!
Depending on the temperature, sure you can have maggots in January. Global warming, remember! LOL!
If you average forty pounds of boned meat from each deer, it would only take 250 deer to make 10,000 pounds!



Bubba I totally agree on the knowlage of a poached deer, it his fanny.

The whole problem I have with the FEDS statement of the 10,000 pounds of process is that Jack is a 66 year old man who does this by himself and DOES NOT have a full blown butcher shop. Sure he had a grinder, sausage stuffer and smoker and knives and a bone saw (Cabelas sells it all). He would be lucky to butcher 100 deer in a season let alone 250+. The news paper and the local news said ALL the deer were poached and made into sausage, 10,000 pounds anually.

Back to the temperature in January, the feds took his equipment January 11th 2006 and it was oh about 15 degrees that day. I dont think global warming could even keep flies alive at them temps to produce maggots!

It's just alot of the statments made are far from the truth just like his prices. Never has he charged anyone 3.50 a pound for a 5 pound log. It was 5.00 for a 5 pound log for years and that year he went to 7.50 per 5 pound log.

They are really making him out to be a very bad man. He made a mistake and he has learned from it. Out of 66 years of life this is his first dance with the law, how many can say that?


Not many Mike.

You will find that a bunch of the folks on this blog are very understanding of our "liberal media" and just how hard they "stick" to the "facts"! Especially when it comes to reporting on something that would cause hunting/guns grief!
To be honest, I don't have any idea what the situation was on the day in question. Basically, unless I was there, I have nothing to base my judgements on except the "media's", hopefully, "unbiased" reporting on the subject!
On the other hand, the standard mixture of venison to pork for sausage making is 50/50 with some butchers claiming a 60/40, pork to venison ratio makes better sausage! At that rate, to have made 10K pounds of sausage would have taken only 150 or so deer. Even if he is 66 yoa, it is doable!
As far as the cleanliness of his facility goes, once again, I wasn't there! So, I will rescind past and defer future statements as to the voracity of the "journalists" reports on THAT matter!
Still, to have processed that many deer, knowing many were poached, is just plain wrong!
If he needed the money, if he is able to work that hard, go find a job because processing that many deer is hard work!



No matter what was wrote abou Jack doesn't matter. I still think he should have lost his hunting rights for some time. What he did was wrong. He knows it and he's paying for it. I just think it should have cost him his hunting rights. Plus how is he suppose to stay away from hunters, fishers and trappers. That just isn't probable.

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