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March 27, 2008

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Discussion Topic: Did President Bush Pardon a Poacher?

From an AP story in The Hayes Daily News:

A Morris County farmer will be able to hunt again after President Bush pardoned him on Tuesday, clearing a felony from his record that prevented him from being able to hunt for the past 10 years. . . .

Kenneth Britt, on the advice of his attorney, pleaded guilty to one felony charge related to a deer-hunting incident that involved several other people, including his brother, Ronald Britt.

Kenneth Britt was sentenced in 1998 to three years of probation for conspiracy to violate federal and state fish and wildlife laws, and was ordered to pay $8,250 in restitution. . .

"I live on a farm out here in the middle of Kansas and I like to hunt," Britt said. "I haven't been able to hunt for about 10 years. I'd like to do it again."

Now that all sounds just fine, doesn’t it? But there’s something missing here. I read every report I could find on this story this morning, and not one of them details what Britt did to get himself in so much trouble. Then I came across a link posted on The Topeka Capital-Journal’s online reader-comment section to a story previously published in that paper, entitled “Britt’s Lawbreaking Wasn’t By Accident,” which reads in part:

Seems like three brothers, Ronald, Keith and Brent Britt, operated a hunting service called Clark's Creek Outfitters. They had a good success rate for their clients, especially on white-tail deer.

For the last two seasons the brothers booked (unknowingly, of course) undercover agents from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks.

The agents watched the brothers in action. They used CBs, chased deer in pickups, regularly trespassed on land they were forbidden to enter, shot over the limit, sold venison ... a whole string of offenses. . . .

THESE ARE SOME notorious dudes. I've heard from people around White City and they, to a person, agreed with my initial column when I called the Britt brothers "scum."

So now that you have the back-story—or at least a version of it—what do you think of the pardon? And what do you think were the President's reasons?



Federal pardons do not happen by accident (only fifteen this year). the question i would pose is: who ran interference for this guy to receive a presidential pardon?? what are Mr. Britt's connections to whom? who is cashing in a favor?


If you read the article, it's obvious that both the "outfitters" and @ least some of their "clients" willfully broke the game laws just to put a trophy head on the wall.

Why did Bush pardon him? Who knows? The article didn't say.

It's just a shame to see this crap going on and as the prices to kill trophy deer continue to escalate I would imagine more and more of the "law bending" will occur.

The lure of big horns will make people do stupid things.



Well put, Tom. I agree. Federal pardons boil down to favors--and favors for a reason. What that reason is in this case I can't even guess.


I just keep remembering people I have known that have been guilty of the same type crimes, were caught, convicted, fined and back hunting within 3 to 5 years! Most never knowingly broke another game law. A few went right back to the old ways! Some of those caught again, got even harsher consequences.
Sometimes the almight "dollar" makes people do things they normally wouldn't!
I say give him the pardon! Just don't ever allow him to operate a guide service OR be a guide, for any game!
What happened to the two brothers!



I can not believe Dubya would do anything underhanded,YEAH RIGHT!!! I think if you are convicted of breaking a serious game law such as Taking of ONE ILLEGAL BIG GAME ANIMAL,you should NEVER have the priveledge to hunt.jim

Matt Mallery

Just when I think this administration could not harm the environment anymore than it has already, I am proven wrong.


Mr. Britt was pardoned for the sole felony conviction he pled guilty to several years ago. a pretty good plea bargain if you ask me based on the initial number of charges leveled. i just want to know how a Kansas farmer has the "juice" to get the president to even take the time to sign a piece of paper on his behalf. somebody had to "carry the water" up a damn big hill for that to happen.


I don't like Bush, but I will give him credit as far pardons go, he is stingy with them. I can fully accept the the president felt this guy deserved one and gave him one becuase of that. No extrodinary influence or bribery needed. In the mean time i will ignore the Britt brothers outfitter baseball cap I saw him wearing at his ranch in Crawford.

Mike Diehl

I would not be surprised if President Bush is one of this "guide's" former clients.


If there was something unsavory about this pardons Bush should have waited until after the election when he was a lame duck. Bill Clinton figuerd this out and pardoned most of his felons a few hours before Bush took office. This guy shot an illegal deer- that doesn't make him a bad dude. FALN terrorists Marc Rich and crooked officals are "bad dudes". Clinton pardoned Mel Reynolds a Democratic Congressman from Illinois, who was convicted of bank fraud, 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice, and solicitation of child pornography. see complete list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Clinton_pardons_controversy

Matt Mallery

Bush will pardon a poacher but he won't pardon the two Border Patrol agents that shot a drug dealer who snuck across our border.


Drug dealers control a lot of votes and money, deer can't vote or pay bribes!


Another Political Integrity Gap award to give out....

Gotta wonder...


I hope they don't break the laws again. Those are the people that give us a bad rep. And this story is going national. I'm sure the antis have already read this case. If only they read the cases of hunters doing good things and being responsible people like most of us are.



Relative of GW? Son of a friend? Whatever the reason it stinks! If everybody did what these guys did and expected a pardon where would we be? How many deer would there be for you to hunt? How many hunting seasons would any of us have left? I usually agree with you Bubba but I cant on this one because these guys KNEW they were breaking the law. Guides have to be above everyone else because they have the ability to inflict huge damage on animal populations as well as the psychological effect it has on thier clients who think that if the guide can get away with it then maybe its ok for everyone. Its not ok and pardoning him just says that it is.


mr britt deserves to be poached himself along with the rest of the bush administration

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