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March 24, 2008

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Discussion Topic: On Colorado’s New Off-Road Rules

From the Montrose Daily Press:

Beginning in July, those caught using motorized vehicles on prohibited, public lands will be handed fines and penalties.

Gov. Bill Ritter on Thursday signed into law a bill to set these penalties, which include fines ranging from $100 to $200, and suspensions of hunting and fishing licenses for violators also engaging in these activities.

This law reverses the long-standing practice of allowing motor vehicle travel except where restricted, and instead adopts a policy to prohibit this kind of travel unless it is explicitly authorized, either by maps, signs or route markers.

As a spokesman for the governor said, “the eyes of the nation will be on Colorado to see how this unfolds.”
Tell us your reaction.



Well I kinda like these new off road rules. I've got so many young "goofballs" (in nice terms) goin' through my property at night and rippin' up my trails. It's very hard to catch them. And since I've got a 200 acre plot of land and at my age it's almost impossible for me to catch them even if I'm on my ATV. If only NY was a little stricter on trespassing laws.


Mike Diehl

Right on! Good for Colorado! We need plenty of that in Arizona!

I keep hearing about all these so-called "responsible" quad operators. I keep hearing about how the irresponsible ones are the minority. Baloney!

Walt Smith

This has been coming down the pipe for a long time. I see no problem with it whatsoever. Most owners of atv's are responsible but it only takes a couple who are not to leave such an impression on the general public to help such a law come into existance. The dummies who wreck it for everyone will someday realize that public land is the only place they can ride their "wheelers" and once they are shut down from riding there do they think private landowners are going to give them permission to tear up their land?? most likly not.


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! For Colorado! Other states should quickly follow their lead! I've had more than a few hunts spoiled by the whining JapCrap engines of those machines as thoughtless riders zoom around the woods. The deer get really skittish when this happens.

Of course we will have political handwringing from the ATV dealers about how we're ruining their business. Depending on how powerful these interests are, state to state will unfortunately have a huge effect on what laws get enacted. I'd also like to see a lot more restriction on the obnoxious Personal Watercraft which are the scourge of many lakes in our region now; not sure that is politically likely either!

Certainly as I get older it would be nice to have the option of using a four-wheeler to recover a deer from deep in the woods but I'll trade that for the peace and quiet I really go hunting for!


Hey Mike, where you at in Az? Im in Chandler.


I suppose I'm just an old fogey! (sp) Back in the 70's when I hunted Colorado, there were signs in the middle of Nat'l Forest road that said, "No motorized vehicles beyond this point!". I found a superb camping spot just beyond one of those signs, spotting a game warden, he informed me that as long as we weren't over 100 feet (and we weren't) beyond the sign, it would be okay!
I, like SA, have gotten to the point where I need the atv to get to the backside to pick up a deer.
But people, being people, think that owning an atv gives them the "right" to just drive around the signs! There is no explaining ignorance!



YES! ATV's do some serious damage to the outdoors at times. Keep them out!


You think you got it bad, when deer season in California opens, you have to deal with bear hunters running dogs, frickin gooks shooting squirells everywhere, a zillion hunters whose idea of hunting is driving around drinking 12 packs, and idiots on atv's who actually think they are going to see and shot a deer. If I don't get a tag in a special zone , I don't hunt, PERIOD!!


here in wa. state you cannot ride on or in the national forest unless in a designated atv zone. if i catch you riding outside these areas i will document it and then turn you in to fish & wildlife not only for a federal offense but for a wildlife violation. if your convicted i receive 10 bonus points!; for each conviction; for the next dream hunt i desire. so please, please ride those atvs in the forest. just because you bought the damn thing doesnt mean you have license to ride it all over the country. EYES IN THE WOODS

Matt Mallery


Damn right we need this in AZ. It is out of control here! Use the quads God gave you!

Mike K

It must have been real bad in CO. I have a small piece of land in WY just outside Medicine Bow and it borders a square mile of BLM land that is landlocked. A couple of years ago we had a couple of guys from CO chasing Antelope on the damn things. They went right through our property and even cut the fence between us and the BLM land so they could drive around on the BLM land. Come on WY let's do the same thing!

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